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Just wanted to introduce myself and the cats. I am owned by Morris and Thurman, in addition to three dogs. Morris and Thurman were adopted from a local kill shelter (that, unfortunately still uses the gas chamber), they were owner surrenders. I still can't see why their owners gave them up. I am certainly glad I made the decision to add cats in my life (I was not a cat person before they came along )

(please let me know if the pictures are too large)



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Hi, welcome to you & your 2 cuties to TCS!
... Oh my goodness, look at Morris's long furry legs, all stretched out in that 2nd to last picture of him! With that cute face too. Just made me go - awwwww!!
Thurman is a handsome cat too. I couldn't help but notice his stunning green eyes! (by the way the pics are not too big, they're fine )

Well it's nice to meet you & your cats! Thanks for introducing yourself. I know you'll love it here.
Have a great time, I'll see you on the forums!!

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What beautiful cats! I can't imagine why anyone would want to give them up but they were lucky to have found you!

If you need any assistance getting around the site, please feel free to click on my user name and drop me a private msg.
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Hello, welcome to the site Congratulations on adopting those 2 beautiful babies
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Thanks for the welcome
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oh wow - look at how gorgeous they both are I too dont know how anyone could surrender them, particulary to a kill shelter - bless you for taking them in and entering the wonderful world of cat ownership - or is it human ownership?

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Welcome...your cats are so sweet. I too have a orange tabby. so glad they have you now to love..
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, feel free to contact me anytime by simply clicking on my user name to send me a Private Message!

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Wellcome, wellcome an once more wellcome!!! Really cute furbabies!!!
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Hello there and welcome to The Cat Site

Very nice pics. Morris is beautiful (I'm partial to orange cats)

We are glad you found us...

You will love it here
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Hello It's nice to meet you!!
Your babies are beautiful!!!

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Beautiful kitties!! Welcome to the site!
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Wow, what sweet kitties you have!! I am new here too, welcome!!

That first picture is soooo cute!
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