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Caption This #0935  

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Picture by RockinRhonda
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Hey...that isn't the litterbox! I'm telling on you!
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Where's the blanket?
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I wonder what would happen if I shut this drawer?
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So, you're saying it's comfortable in there? Is there room for me, too?
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This piece of furniture really "draws" you in, don't it?
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Hey! What happened to meowmies drawers that were in these drawers?
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Look, it's the bathing drawer!
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Come on in, there's lots of space for both of us!
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"I think mom said she's saving this drawer is for her extra special things"
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You know mom, this would be much more comfortable if you put your angora sweaters back in here!
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In Japan ya gotta sleep in these things !!
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I think that mom is getting a little out of control with that spring cleaning!
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Hey! Where is the stuff that was in here? I wanted to snuggle in them.
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