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Picture by Rang_27
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Here I come ready or not
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Who says you have to be a black cat to strike this pose?
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The vet says my new prosthesis will be ready soon... and when it is, that mouse had better watch out.
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One more "Polly wants a cracker" and Polly will regret it!
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Oh, i'm sick of 'attack pose'! Are we done with this photo shoot yet?
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Watch me! Watch me! I can do "Eye of the Tiger"!
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Rubbing my paws on this carpet to store up on static electricity and then be able to throw bolts of lightning. Hwahahaha!
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You talking to me? You talking to me???
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"I don't know why mom has to spike my fur. All the other kitties pick on me terribly and call me Alfalfa"
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I will win this stare down!
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so THIS is why they call it the ' catwalk '
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Originally Posted by MikeAnderson
You talking to me? You talking to me???
haha nice

"I thought I told you to stop following me!!!!"
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I think mom put something in my water.
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Don't you dare steer that sucking machine by me!!
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Boy, this Electric Slide dance is harder than I thought!
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Okay were did you go with that brush I've got static cling!
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And now for my impression of a porccupine.
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"Oh yeah that hair stylist did a really good job."
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