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Caption This #0932  

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Picture by Photo_Cats
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If I'm such a 'smartie', why can't I get these open?
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This just doesn't look like catnip to me!
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Uh-huh. I see...
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Hey....I asked for M&M's!
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No really it has cat nip in it, there called sweetie nips
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I mugged the trick or treating kids as they were leaving....
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Mine! Mine! Mine!
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Mine! All mine!
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Say "pretty please with sugar on top" and I might share...
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If anyone even thinks of touching this candy, it's their head!
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Ok yo! I braut the goods, you braut the dough, right?
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"So this is what a sugar high feels like"
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Take my smarties, and you die... dummy.
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"There was this overgrown mouse at the door that kept saying Trick-or-Treat. He should know better than to tempt a cat like that, so I ate him and I'm saving the treats for Meowmy"
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You told me not to let you cheat on your diet. You touch these and your fingers get shredded.
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I went trick or treating and this is all I got what a rip off I should have stayed home like meowmy
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You mean these are for you to eat? They are not toys for me?
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MY Sweet tarts, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
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"And you thought I was hyper before my sugar rush."
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"If I eat these my dentist will kill me!"
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I'll see your eight and raise you eight more!
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"You have disappointed me. I am not amused. Try again!"
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"I don't see why humans like these... they don't taste a bit like fish!"
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Originally Posted by Cassie-ondra
If anyone even thinks of touching this candy, it's their head!
hahaha that was my thought, too
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hehehe, this is excellent!
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Go ahead, if your feeling lucky, "make my day"
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What? This is my happy face!
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