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People Food Cats Love!!!

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Does anyone have cats that like other things besides cat food, tuna fish, and milk?

Rascal loves yogurt! If he even sees me getting a container of yogurt, he'll come running and meowing. I give him a couple of teaspoons into his bowl. He also loves ice cream. And Spagettios! Macaroni and Cheese! And applesauce! Weird cat!
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Excalibur & Striker will try anything once. Excalibur loves chicken and ice cream the best and Striker loves beans (weird - I know). The others like various meat products, although Sugarly rarely eats human food.
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My Daisy loves mac & cheese especially Kraft mild white cheddar.She also likes yogurt but her brother Simon does not care for anything other than his cat stuff. :icecream: Mandy
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Smokey likes Chicken...any kind. However, sometimes I have to suck off the marinade! he's so finicky!

He likes cheese off of Pizza...he likes yogort, and ice cream. He likes sandwich meat. Kahlua and Cream! He used to love that stuff. I would make a drink...mostly kahlua, and he'd come up and start drinking it. If it didn't have enuff kahlua, he'd walk away with his nose in the air!

I used to have a kitty, Wizzer, LOVED Cheez its! and my ex's kitty used to eat pastachios! (did I spell that correctly?)

My smokey, for the most part, sticks to his own foods...but once in a while he becomes a little begger!
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My baby, Cookie, will eat the weirdest things! He attacks me over Little Debby coffee cakes. He loves french fries and will beg for hot fudge. Anything that the other kitties act like they're going to eat, he'll eat (even if the others were just sniffing it to see if they wanted to eat it.)
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Trent is pretty finicky. He mainly sticks to kitty food, but LOVES his milk. But even though he doesn't like most of our food and drinks, he HAS to smell everything that we have. Usually he just looks at us like "You aren't seriously going to eat/drink that, right? That's gross!"

Ophelia is our little piggy. She's tuxedo with a black mark on her chin shaped like an inverted heart. When we first saw it Hubby said "Well that's appropriate - her heart is in her mouth!" She waits for us to finish with our dinner so she can lick the plate. Her absolute favorites are alfredo sauce and turkey gravy. She also like corn, asperagus, whipped cream, and ice cream.
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Rascal loves to sniff anything I eat. Fudge?? Isn't fudge chocolate which is bad for kitties?
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When I was growing up, we had a shorthaired domestic female named Loppy. She loved spaghetti sauce, but not the home-made kind with lots of meat. She liked Prego's plain tomato sauce. If I had a bowl, she'd sit at my feet and wait to lick it clean.

My dad had a cat named Wanda, who loved dishes with sauce, such as orange chicken or schezuan (sp?) beef. But she wouldn't eat the meat, she'd just lick the sauce. She also liked cold cuts, and would demand them if you were making a sandwich. His present cat, Pumpkin, also likes cold cuts but doesn't like the expensive ones. She only likes the cheap pressed ham and pressed chicken.

My cat, Ivo, doesn't seem too interested in people food. The only thing I found she likes is Parano, and aged gouda that's similar to parmesean. But that's OK, because it gives me an excuse to buy it on a regular basis!

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Some of the foods that my cats love are:
fruit, spaghetti o's (just the liguid, not the o's), taco shells, chips, cookies, veggies, yogurt ice cream thingys, and popcorn. That's what I can think of offhand.
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Cymone eats cereal. Capn' Crunch, Cocoa puffs, whatever she can find. She is a weirdo.

Sunshine is more traditional, sticking w/ milk and tuna.:tounge2:
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Sampson likes peanuts. He's only had two but he gobbled them right down. Mitzi likes doritos but they don't get junk food very often.
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My Siamese, Yoshi, loves soft flour tortilla shells. She will try almost anything. My tabby, Maggie, loves peas - only human food she will eat. The baby, Bubba, has a sweet tooth and prefers his cinnamon rolls warmed with butter! One of my cats (now gone) ate anything - tomatoes, etc., but her very favorite was chocolate pudding (flavored, not real!) with Cool Whip. She would attack for this treat!
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When I was younger, I had kitties who LOVED spaghetti. Arizona isn't interested in people food (thank the Lord!)
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Most of the cats I've had loved spagetti sauce and lunch meat; chicken has been the favorite of all of them. However, the first cats I had after I got married loved creamed corn. My Siamese want to be offered everything I'm eating, even if it's something they wouldn't eat. Rather than disappoint them, I put a tiny bit out for them to sniff at with disdain.
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Before my cat Soltie developed food allergies she loved turkey lunchmeat and cheese.

Both Soltie and Sadie loved potato chips and cheetos.

Sadies liked watermelon, she would always help me eat it when I had it.
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Ham, roast beef and hamburger are some of my babies favorites!!!
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With Casper, anything goes, but he is crazy over cheese, has to have it everytime we're having it, and that boy knows when I'm taking the spaghetti cheese out of the deepfreezer, he's with me in few seconds Another thing he likes is yoghurt, any flavour goes. The other day I dropped a piece of carrot on the floor (accidentally) and he had to eat it! He didn't like it, but he had to eat it. Silly boy!
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All 4 of mine are little munchie monsters. They will eat almost anything off of a plate. Leo and Georgia and little beggars and will stay right under my feet if I am in the kitchen. I was making sandwiches yesterday and was dropping them little slivers of ham. Georgia's piece landed on her head. She kept throwing her head back and wiggling her ears trying to see it. She went around in circles and finally managed to snag it with her paw. It was so funny. She was so mad because we were laughing.
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Noah likes any kind of meat, pudding, yogurt, milk, lollipops, greasy, salty french fries, and cheese.

Cleo likes the smell of alcoholic drinks, pudding, milk, and will clean pretty much any plate of food that she can find!
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My kitties, Socks and Boo will eat almost anything. Boo, who we call our garbage disposal :LOL: will eat more things that Socks though and she has to smell everything and touch it with her paw. Their favorites are chicken, hot dogs, yogurt, ice cream, ham and cheeseburgers and beef.
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I guess I'm lucky because one of my cats won't eat ANYTHING except her catfood and an occasional treat. Turns her nose up at raw chicken. My other one will eat a bit here and there, but neither one of them beg for food. They leave us be when we eat.
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Hmmm now lets see.... what weird things have my babies consumed??... Beef, Ham, chicken... all the usual...(milk, cheese, dairy products etc).... along with... Naan Bread(cocnut flavour), baked beans, red peppers, green peppers (only Monty, and only a small amount) pizza.... cereal (esp. bran flakes) mousse..... pavalova...popcorn... umm.... and pretty much everything else!! :LOL:
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green beans, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, raw eggs, cubed cheese, and peaches.......
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Peanut, a passed-on cat of mine, loved malted milk balls. My late husband kept them in the bottom desk drawer and, no matter how quietly he opened it, Peanut knew. He would come running but, only if that particular drawer was opened. Russ would give him half of one, once a week, since chocolate is toxic to cats.
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Peanut has good taste. Bodlover and Hissy, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I think your cats need a little bit of counseling. Do you know a good kitty psychologist? Maybe that lady who reads animals' minds on the Animal Planet could help. (Isn't she something?) After all, creamed corn and malted mild balls are normal, but Rhea, Pavlova is a dancer. Explain that one! And Hissy, canned peaches? I can understand fresh peaches.... I guess Debra Myers' cat eats poptarts with sugary white frosting!
(Pavlova..grumble, mumble..dancer..not food.. ballet.. artist.. grumble, mumble)
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