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Caption This #0931  

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Picture by Pamela
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Our Christmas tree burned down....but the ornaments are still in tact.
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I could get stuck on this
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I think I got my earrings caught on something....
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This is really some kind of feline torture device, isn't it?
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Leave me alone! My poor tree got in an accident involving my curling iron and an electical surge.
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So, waddaya think? Don't I look like that panther on that Wild Things Documentary?
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This is the only safe spot from them striped head bonkers.
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That's right, take a few steps closer... perfect range for jumping onto your head from this giant monstrous V-shaped cat tree thingie
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Watch the swinging balls. You are getting verrrry sleepy. Veeeeeeeery sleeeeeeepy. You will go out and buy us shrimp by the boatload.....
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"Meowmy says this is very educational. . . . something about the solar system"
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Thanks mom - this will really help me with my Ninja training.
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shh... I am playing hiding go seek.
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This top perch is too small for my butt!
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