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Originally Posted by gemlady
Aristotle follows our tradition of naming white cats with names starting with "A". (Aloysius, Alouette & Ariel, and Alexander were the past white cats.) Topaz got her name from her blue topaz eyes. And quite fitting for Gemlady, don't you think?
Bijou thinks the name Topaz is beautiful. I have to agree.
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When Chris and I originally thought about getting pets, we thought we'd get two girls and name them Patsy and Eddie after the ladies of "Absolutely Fabulous". But it didn't end up that way. Seamus chose me from the shelter and he's a boy. We didn't want to name him Eddie (since the character is actually named Edina) so I suggested we could name him Paddy. And then Chris suggested Seamus. We batted around a couple of other names, but Seamus stuck and it suits him.

Gator was named for the University of Florida Gators. Their colors are orange and blue, and he's orange, so that's how Chris named him.
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Zakk-named by hubby for the guitarist Zakk wylde (he is Ozzy's guitarist). Our zakk is pretty wild, and I liked the name so agreed to it.
AKA zackie, zakk attack

Rocky- The night before we got him hubby and I went through a list of possible names that we would accept as his name. That was the only one we both liked. Hubby is a big fan of The Rock and also likes the rocky movies.
AKA Rox, rock, snot rocket

Suzie- her name just came to me one day. Hubby had no say whatsoever. She is very shy and it fits her. I also used to have a "alterego" when I was a kid named Suzie Jacuzzi.

Cookie-puss- It came time to rename him b/c he wasn't going to our friend and we thought her name for him was stupid (jelly). Hubby and I both like cookie monster. He also looks like Puss from the movie shreck. Additionally my co-worker whose condo he was found at likes to call people cookiepuss sometimes. He is usaully just called cookie, but cookie-puss is his formal name and on his nametag.
AKA Cooks
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I adopted Devin in the afternoon on a monday; he was going to be picked up that wenesday. Later that night me and José went out to dinner and I told him that I had picked out a black short haired male...what should I name him?

He rattled off a few names, Gavin, Devin. He went though and listed a few more names, but I told him I wanted a boy's name, not a pet name.

I then asked, what about Devlin? And we both agreed that it was a fine name. The next day I was talking to my dad about the cat, how he was all black, male, 6/7 months old, etc. I then said that I'm going to name him Devlin. *pause* My dad replied; "I thought you adopted a male."

I then switched it to Devin. Turns out, the gaelic form means "little black one"
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Leonardo and Raphael...not sure if they're famous, artistic, Renaissance men or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they're mine.

Actually, they just sort of ended up with those names...Leo is Leo because he has a "paintbrush" at the end of his tail AND because Leo is my zodiac sign. Leonardo just fits him.

Raphael had that name at the shelter and since he's an oldie who's had that name FOREVER, I decided to keep it. Plus, working in his soc group, I had just learned to see him as a Raphael.

Gracie is short for Amazing Grace, as she arrived the day my sweet baby Lola went to the RB. I don't know if I could've made it through without her.

Lola, my angel kitty, got her name from the song in "Damn Yankees"...whatever Lola wants, Lola gets! And it sounded really adorable with Leo, as they were my only 2 cats.
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Wowzer got her name (from my neighbor) because she meowed non stop... but it sounded more like a "weow". We were going to change her name when she moved to our house, but she was already about a year old. I've always thought her name should have been SASSY! She can be quite demanding.

Boogs - because when we rescued her she was probably just 4-5 weeks old and nearly dead. She was such a tiny thing... we kept referring to her as a "little booger"... so we just shortened it to Boogs.

Gracie got her name because we always had cats with weird names (scaredy, runtie, orangey etc.) and we thought we should give one a normal name. She was/is such a sweetheart and loving cat I wanted something really nice. We actually got online and went to a cat names site - as soon as I saw Gracie, I knew that was it.
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I let my boys name themselves.

Frantic: When he uses the litter box, he digs frantically to find the bottom of the pan. Then he settles in.

Pipsqueek: He was the runt of the litter and much smaller than his brother Frantic. There was always a difference of about half his weight between the 2 of them. Add to that, to this day he doesn't have a full meow but a squeek when he comes to find me.

Outdoors I have
Monster: This orange tabby is the size of a medium sized dog. He is the alpha of the neighborhood and daddy to most of the kittens. When I put out traps, he comes over and either sits on top of it or in front of it to make sure no one goes inside.

Ember: She started out as MB (Monster's baby) but it wasn't feminine enough for this little white cat.

Beauty: She really is! She's a soft, long haired black cat.

Sly: He's one of Beauty's last litter and he is long and lean. He sneaks into the yard when it's time for dinner. He comes in "on the sly"


Shalimar: She was named before I adopted her. I've since learned that Shalimar is a Hindu Eden.
Smokey: My first ferals. Smokey was a smoke grey male
Misty: Smokey's grey tabby sister
Storm: Misty's twin brother. The only way to tell them apart was Stormy would let me pet him. And he has 1 white front paw while Misty has just 2 toes white.
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