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Whats in the name?

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Hey guys. I was wondering, where did you get your names for your kittys? whats the reason behind there loving names?

heres the reason in mine!

Ollie short for Oliver;
My nan had a cat when I was growing up, she had him LONG before I was born, he was named after the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, (Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy) my nans cat looked alot like Ollie and his name was Stanley. I adored him so much, and took him treats, and really looked after him, even at such a young age I adored cats. he died when I was about 6, I was extremely sad, and I felt really lost, and I mean really lost, my mum decided our family should have a cat, we went to a pet store, back when they still sold cats over here in pet stores, and we picked him out, We named him Oliver, because of the Laurel and Hardy connection. he's grew up with me since I was 6. he's 14 this year.

I love to draw, and make characters, I made a cat character many years ago, and named her Missy kitty. when I got Missy from a shelter, I kept calling her little missy, and the name just stuck.

Not long after Simba was born he had a horrid eye infection, when I bathed his eye and looked after him, as he got older, he purred so loudly, and sounded like baby Simba from the lion king, he also had simllar head makrings to baby simba, and it just stuck.

I love stars, stars in the sky, or anything star shaped in general. I have a star mood changing necklace, when Star was very young he kept running off with it, then he kept chewing my stars on my wall, they glow in the dark, when i walked in, I said, ''oh no not the stars!!'' he looked at me and ran over, I said to him, do you like stars, and he just purred his head off, thats how he got his name.

How about your kittys?
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Hmmmm....actually Hobbs was named by me after we took him in as a stray.....he just looked like a total doof, and he was always a mush....so we went from "Mr. Hobbs" to just plain Hobbs. It just seemed to fit.

Blueberry wasnt named by me but my kids must have heard she was Blue Point so my daughter named her Blueberry at the Ragdoll breeders. Actually her papers (somewhere in my house) have this long regal rediculous name....like "Blueberry of the House in the Royal Mountain Valley" blah blah. I cant even remember what it is, but to me she is just my sweet snobby "fattie Blue-Bee"
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Sweetie got her name because when I went to see her before I actually adopted her, no other name fit, but Sweetie! The first time I visited her before I got her, when she was only about 5 weeks, she let me hold her and rock her gently on a swing on the porch at that house. She's always been very kind and gentle in nature - most of the time.

Precious has this name because she is Sweetie's daughter. When I first saw her when she was very very tiny little kitten, just a few hours after Sweetie gave birth to all the kittens, I fell in love with this one little girl kitty. She was the runt of the litter, and had a very intricate tabby fur pattern from when her pattern began to show more. When her eyes opened, they were the most deep blue (kittens' eyes are blue at first) of the litter. She was just a precious, fragile little doll from the start.
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Sashka means `to spring' in Russian, and she is a Russian Blue, and she's a real jumper and climber, so it seemed appropriate!

Sunday, well, because we got her on a Sunday

Cairo because as a kitten she had a beautiful pointy face with lovely wide big ears and eyes, and she just looked like a `Cairo'.

Princess and Mina were named by Max years ago when he got them - although I have to say Princess suits her name perfectly!
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MieMie - It's pronouced meemee, she got her name because that's what came to mind at the time lmao

Buddy - We were calling him buddy until we thought of a good name, and before we new it, he was already responding to his name, so he kept it...

Harley - When she was born she was named twister because of her patterns, then we realized she has a loud motor that you can hear from the other end of the room so my fiance goes, just like a little Harley Davidson...

Gizmo - Her name WAS Hurculese (she was the extreme runt in the group, and my little rescue, she was born breached with the embryo sack broken and still stuck inside mommy, when I pulled her out she was blue, so i rubbed her w/ a towel until she started crying!) until we found out she was a girl. So my fiance decided to name her Gizmo cuz he always wanted to name something Gizmo, lmao
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JoJo - I'm not quite sure where it came from... i was just trying different names and such to see what she'd turn her head for... and that was the first thing.

Jack - Originally I was going to name him Josh, because I'm a Grobanite (Josh Groban, the singer, if you didn't know). but when I picked him out, the ladies at the rescue told me his name was Aaron, but his nickname was Jackrabbit, because he has these incredibly powerful back legs. So I shortened it to Jack. It turns out that it's still Groban related, since JG's dad's name is Jack.

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Nice idea for a thread.

Mushi's name was thought through for days. So many different this kitty almost had.

His name is "mister Mushi Face" because he looks like "mister" kinda cat. And Mushi Face is because we were looking for A "mushed face" cat.
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My Tucker is ten years old. When I got him as a kitty, I had several names in mind. The two that I remember most was Tucker and Loki. I had read Tucker in a book somewhere...can't remember which one now...and it had sounded so sweet and I really liked it. Loki is the norse god of mischief. Since he was such a sweetie I went with Tucker. That and nobody else liked the other names so much. But Tucker seemed to suit him. His middle name is Pern...which is the name of a fantasy land that Anne McCaffrey writes about. I had been reading a lot of her books the summer that I was blessed with Tucker. About three years later I took in two sweet brothers. They were both all black. (I had always wanted an all black kitty! and now I had two!)By this time I realized that I should have named Tucker, Loki...because the mischief part really suited him. Plus I liked the name so much. So I named one of my kittys Loki Ashlar. Ashlar is the name of a character in an Anne Rice book. His brother I named Ramses Amun-Ra, because I am a huge Egyptian fan. Ramses has since passed on. :o( But I plan on naming any other boy kitty that I get Ramses II. Normally, I wouldnt do this. But it seems approriate to me because Ramses II was Ramses the Great. :o)

So my terror of a cat is named the sweet-sounding Tucker. And my sweet cat who is so good natured and friendly and lovey...is named after a god of mischief. LOL.
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Molly was named before we got her, and I always felt that a pretty cat like her deserves a pretty name like Molly.
My wife named Megan, who we adopted as a kitten. She didn't give a reason, and I didn't ask for one.
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Named after the rock and roll singer Dion dimucci, from Dion and the belmonts. They were a rock and roll band in the 60's. They sang "run around sue". Dion actually fits the last name because he is "DA MOOCHE" of food!!


Frankie was named after Frankie Valli, another 60's singer.


Named after the egyptian cat goddess


Named after Stan and Ollie.


Named after Stan and Ollie.. They are brothers


Named by first husband


George is George...
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Bonnie.... named after Bonnie and Clyde,, Her RB Brother was Clyde

Buddy ..., He was my Hubby's little buddy until he reached puberty and then he switched to me.

Sissy.... Buddy's sister. Hubby wanted to call her Sister, so we compromised.

Scamper.... When he was really little, her ran and scampered all over the place.

Princess... She is dainty and sweet. Like a princess

Stinker..... A name hubby started calling her that stuck
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Soichiro: Named after Soichiro Honda the man who founded Honda Motor Company.

My family's current cats...

Dunlop: We call him "Dunny." He was adopted from a vet clinic. The previous owner brought him in after being run over by a car twice and refused to pay for his care. I guess the car had Dunlop tires on it.

Tiny Tim: Was adopted around Christmas time and looks like Timmy.

Some of our past cats, may they rest peacefully...

Timmy: I can't remember why I chose that name. I was seven years old and for me it seemed to fit.

Popeye: When we first adopted him, he had bad allergies in one eye that made him look like he was winking like the cartoon character Popeye.

Mad Max or "Max" for short: A big sweetheart of a cat that loved to play like a kitten, even as an adult.

Flakey: A female Calico that was the mother to Popeye. She had a flakey personality; a hard to figure out cat.

Bud: A cat my parents had before I was born and passed shortly after I was born. Apparenty he like to sleep in a Budweiser box.
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Tosca Rune and I wanted a name that reflected our musical interests as well... something tasteful and something that suited the cat perfectly. We decided that we wanted an operatic connection, so we sat for days reading list after list of names of operatic heroines... once we got herhome however, the name wasn't hard to choose. She tried to throw herself out of a window just over our balcony. (It was shut, by the way... so all we could hear was a dull thud as she hit it) So Tosca was the obvious choice.... Short for Floria Tosca. We have our eyes on a big male Norwegian Forest cat mix, who is black and white like Tosca, but he has a little black moustache on a white face - he is the negative image of her. He's very very sweet and he's in Kattens Værn at the moment... he's come from a bad background and he seems to have chosen me for himself. I'm the only one he'll trust to brush him and he actively seeks my company... so we decided we'd give him a chance. We have to wait until he's stopped stinking (he was neutered pretty late in live, poor soul) but that shoudln't be too long. Until then, he's not going anywhere else. And if all goes well... we shall have a (Mario) Cavaradossi to come keep our little (Floria) Tosca company
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Jade - because 10 years ago we already had Mick and Bianca (oddly enough in true Rolling Stones style Bianca left home and settled in with a neighbour, when Jade moved in)

Sol - because we already had Luna and Sol & Luna are spanish for Sun & Moon, she has a very sunny nature.

Charlie - No idea we thought of lots of name and tried to think of a spanish one related to Sun & Moon tried Marz tried Cfer (short for C for Cat) called him by those names but they didn't suit him. Then one day called him Charlie and it stuck.

Tommy - well because he is a Ginger Tom and I used to call my huband my Ginger Tom because when he was young he had very red hair & was a bit of a lad.......
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mine are all named after computer things.
Mouse, Pixel, Cable, Java - these are/were my inside cats.
current ferals are Apple & Mac.
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both my current cats came with their names- I try not to change kitties' names, I don't want to give them an identity complex but I tend to name on themes, my last theme was NASCAR- I had Dale and Jr (For Dale Earnhardt Jr, my fave driver) Martin (for Martin Truex Jr, Dale's Teammate) and Talladega (my fave track) before that I had a biblical theme going, Jericho, Sampson, Delilah, My rabbit was Rebekah. I think my next bunch I'm going with Greek/Roman gods & goddesses.
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Phenom is part of the racing theme her Dad gave her. A Phenom is a racing chasis we run so that led her her being called Phenom!
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Usva: Mist in English, for obvious color reasons

Milla: Short for Kamomilla (camomile). She was actually supposed to be Ruska, autumn colors in English, but the kid in the foster family named her first.

Tilli (dill) and Timotei (timothy hay) just to continue the nature theme.
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I looked at baby names on the internet. Then when I saw Bijou, since it is the french word for jewel and his eyes are like beautiful jewels, there was no question that this was the right name for him. Bijou is actually a female name but we didn't tell Bijou that - we don't want him to have a complex.
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What a lovely thread idea!

Tibby's full name is Tybalt - the Prince of Cats! He was a big kitten and has always been quite the powerful one, so it just fitted well!

Molly chose her own name as I was trying to find one that fit! She decided that Molly was the best and I think she made an excellent choice!

Willow's name comes from his markings! I work a lot with willow charcoal and he looked like he could have been in the box and become all smudged!

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Tyson-He was named because I love boxing and love Mike Tyson AS A FIGHTER ONLY. I disagree with pretty much everything he does outside the ring, and some inside the ring, but he is a great fighter no matter what he does.

Tinky-Name was Tinkerbell, named by Tara when we thought it was a girl. Found out it was a boy, tried to change the name to Rocky, but we kept calling him Tinky so we stuck with it.

Sophie-Chosen by Tara just because she looks like a Sophie.

Asia-It was between Paris or Asia. I'm not sure how we came up with those two names but we chose Asia. Tara kind of wishes she would have named her Peanut now that she's staying so little, but we're sticking with Asia.
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I *love* this thread.

She was my very first cat ever. My dad had just thrown me out of the house, and I had just got my first place to live. She hated my roommate, and would ride around on my shoulder (still will actually, just not as often) and squack and hiss at everyone else and then purr and nuzzle on me. I called her my modern day parrot, and the name just kind of stuck.

We got him from the animal shelter, and his name already was ike and his sister was tina. As I didn't want my cat named after a wife beater, we thought about it, and as we sat in the kitchen, where his food was, and watched him eat and came up with cow cause he was ssooo hungry. When he was younger, his markings looked cow-ish as well. Now a days, we hardly ever call him cow. It's either cowboy, moo-baby, or bubba kitty. He responds to them all.

We already had 2 cats named after other animals, and we descided to stick with the theme. Monkey had a tail that was WAY to long for his body, and reminded us of a sider monkey, especially with his markings. He was also very skinny, and agile, so we thought monkey fit him. Looking back, we should have named him piggy, lol.

You all have some WONDERFUL names!

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Originally Posted by DRIVEN
Tinky-Name was Tinkerbell, named by Tara when we thought it was a girl. Found out it was a boy, tried to change the name to Rocky, but we kept calling him Tinky so we stuck with it.

Sophie-Chosen by Tara just because she looks like a Sophie.
Tinky could also be for Stinky!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Tinky could also be for Stinky!

Sometimes they all could have that name.
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Aristotle follows our tradition of naming white cats with names starting with "A". (Aloysius, Alouette & Ariel, and Alexander were the past white cats.) Topaz got her name from her blue topaz eyes. And quite fitting for Gemlady, don't you think?
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Oliver at about 8 weeks old had been part of my family for 3 days before I could decide on a name. He was lying on the couch and I was petting him and looking at his beautiful olive green eyes and all of a sudden it dawned on me. His name should be Oliver.

Tripod at about 6 weeks old was found at my work and it took 3 grown men to catch him. They put him in a box and brought him into my office. When I picked him up I saw that he had only 3 legs. One of the men who caught him named him Tripod. I kept the name, but sometimes wish I had named him Lionel, after the train, because he purrs so loud.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Aristotle follows our tradition of naming white cats with names starting with "A". (Aloysius, Alouette & Ariel, and Alexander were the past white cats.) Topaz got her name from her blue topaz eyes. And quite fitting for Gemlady, don't you think?
BTW - when are we going to get to see a pic of the lovely Topaz?
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Loki so very appropriately names after the Norse God of mischief!!!
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I went for all biblical names.
Jordan: A biblical name I liked that seemed to fit him. Although now that I really know him I think his name should be Diablo.
Isaac: I had tried a bunch of names, but he responded to Isaac.
Maggie: Is actually short for Magdaline, but just seemed a better choice.
Levi: That's simple it's my favorite boys name & since I'll probably never have kids I thought he should have it. You see Levi Picked me the day after my Smokey died. I took one look at him & started to cry. He looked just like she had as a kitten. I sat down in my friends chair & he came running over to me & sat right next to my head for hours. When I went to visit him several times that week he did the same thing but know he doesn't like to be near my face. He was just trying to make sure I knew I was his Mom.
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This is a wonderful thread.

Lucky was given that name after every time I told the story of her adventures at 4 weeks of age (ran across a busy road and went between the wheels of a speeding car) they always said "wow....she's lucky". And it just stuck. As i discovered later she's forgotten her humble beginnings and thinks she's a princess to be fawned over and pampered...so maybe princess is more appropriate (or diva, queen...and occasionally i call her monkey-butt when she flaunts her furry butt at people!)

Rambo well...when i went to find a friend for lucky i was looking for someone who could put lucky in her place (i.e. take the princess down a peg). Well at the shelter Rambo was a little terror...he climbed up on the litter boxes and launched himself on his brothers and sisters while they slept and proceeded to wrestly with all of them. My friend suggested Muhammed Ali, Rocky, Vin Diesel, Chucky (Chuck Norris), and Rambo....so i tried them all and he came to Rambo. Turns out he never acted like that again once he got home. He's a complete lovebug, anyone that enters the house (human, dog, cat etc) is he's best friend and he'll gladly go home with any of them!!! His new nickname is Deuce (as in Bigalow, male Gigalo!) LOL
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