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Aach - Hairballs

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Having difficulty getting my girls -- longhair Torties -- to ingest Petromalt - a hairball remedy. Their diet is Royal Canin for Longhaired (kibble-like) and I try and brush/comb every day but one of them always seems to leave me a "present" in the middle of the night. I've tried putting it on a glass coaster, my fingers, on their paws, nose, but no go. The Turkish Angora our family had spoiled me in that she would come running whenever we took the tube out of the drawer and lick it off our fingers no problem! Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hmm...it didn't work when you smear it on their paws? That's the only way we can get Fatty to eat his laxitave goo. We tried hiding it in food, on treats, roof of his mouth, etc, but nothing else would work.
If it won't work on their paws, how about further up their leg (a place they can still reach to lick) That's probably the best advice I have, hope it helps a bit, good luck!
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I use Friskies Hairball remedy treats. My kitties like getting a treat and this one at least helps them. I don't have experience with long haired cats so I don't know if it would be helpful for them.
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I feed Nutro here and hairballs are pretty minimal.
When my NFC does have issues with one though, I have to almost rub the petromalt quite well into the fur on the backs of her paws.
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