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Wows and Pows!

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We used to do this back in my youth group days...we went around giving the "Wows" or high points of our week or day and the "Pows", or low points.

I thought it would be fun to do that here!

I'll go first:
Wows: Auditions season is almost over!
-I had a really good lesson with Amy Porter at U of M, in which she invited me back.
- Raphael is doing really, really well
-I did my first adopt at the shelter (they were short on adoption staff)
-My flute got fixed and plays beautifully now!

-Mainly school. I did NOT go to college to write papers about Georgia O'Keeffe. I came here to learn how to play the flute. All of this over0educating and the effort to make us "well-rounded" just makes college seem more and more incomplete and like high school. I came here with a specific goal in mind and all of these stupid classes that have absolutely NOTHING to do with my major are not only burning me out, but they're making it take longer to get to my goal, so I'm really hostile about school right now.
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Oh cool!

I registered my business name: `The Truth About Cats and Dogs' (animal behaviour) and will soon have my website up and running and will be able to start properly! YAY!
Finally just about completely caught up at work YAY! YAY!
Summer is nearly over extra special YAY! YAY! YAY!

My Maxey is away down south with his show, and I miss him!
Sashka is still terrified of the dogs, we don't seem to be able to sort it.
Work is getting me down a bit - it's just boring I really need a change or something!
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let's see...
Finally got my dog to the groomers and boy does he look sharp
getting a monster paycheck on Friday- success sharing, retro pay and finally our raise!
My boss is off all week!
New season of Apprentice started last night
I have to use that monster paycheck to pay my taxes
The guy I'm seeing is a complete loon!
I itch and have no idea why! I didn't change soaps or detergent, I lotion up everyday, but I itch! it's making me crazy!!
No more Dancing With the Stars
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It looks like Earl and I will be getting some new web design clients.
Things are going pretty well at work, and I'm still mostly busy.
The weather has been AMAZING for the past few days - highs in the 60s and 70s, lows in the 40s. We've kept the window open day and night. Happy kitties and a fresh apartment.

End of February paycheck. Only 71 hours, instead of the 84-89 hours I usually get. Tight will be an understatement for the next couple weeks.
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*I'm visiting my best friend this weekend and we're going to be doing wedding planning stuff for both of us!
*Bradley and I made our first big purchase together last weekend- a washer and dryer!
*I'll be DONE with this research methods class (the worst one in the MPA program) after taking the final tomorrow!
*Our seahorses are doing grrrrrreat!

*Work is NOT going well. My boss hates me (long story) and is taking every opportunity she can to get on my case about something or another.
That's my only pow at the moment, so I can't really complain. This is a neat exercise Allie- like counting your blessings!
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- I was just offered a research assistant job for next year. It's not huge money but it'll be a great thing to put on my grad school application!
- All the pets are doing great. No goldfish lost lately.
- School is going fine and I love most of my classes.
- I picked my classes for this summer and next year and I'm really excited about them. And I decided to take extra summer classes so that I can learn Spanish. It'd be great to know a third language.

- I have a book review to write for next week and I am not looking forward to writting it.
- I have barely started on my research papers (I have 3 due on the last week of March, plus another book/movie review)
- I am almost always tired.
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