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What holidays/seasons do you decorate for??

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I took down most of my "Winter" decorations yesterday. I realize the wind chill is in the negative numbers, but I am getting sick of seeing the snowflakes ang snowmen. I am almost ready for the pastel colors of Easter.

It started me wondering how many of you decorate for the different holidays and seasons.........
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I like to decorate for everything. I really like Easter though. I like all the pretty colors and cute little bunnies and baby animals. And its a sign of warmer weather!!
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I decorate for winter/Christmas, Fall, Halloween - I like to get those cute window clings for all the holidays - I love springtime - bring all the pastel colors out!
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I live alone and don't feel the need to decorate just for myself, but when I'm with someone I do every holiday. Right now I live in an upper duplex and I decorate just my hallway in the appropriate theme. It looks pretty cute! The rest of the house stays bare throughout the holidays. Oh, I do have a big bay window that I'll hang a lighted something or other in. But that's about it.
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I decorate for Christmas, but that's about it. Easter "decorations" consist of putting out (and filling) Easter baskets.
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What?!?!? Decorate with 11 cats and 2 dogs around to play with the decorations?? I gave up decorating themes years ago.
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I LOVE Fall!!! All the wonderful colors!!! The spooky eerie Halloween atmosphere! Thats my favorite to decorate for.
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Just about everything! Spring, fall, winter - sometimes summer, too. Easter, Valentine's Day, halloween, St. Patrick's Day (I'm Irish!!), Christmas, etc. The only one I go overboard with though is Christmas, because I really like the season, the holiday itself, ANNNND, I have a huge Christmas party every year.
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If I didn't decorate all the time I'd go nuts! Not that all my decorating has a holiday or theme behind it though. I'm just constantly working on my house. I do decorate my 'corner' at work for every holiday though. Makes everything more festive and fun there. Christmas is deffinatley my favorie though. I think DH is probably tired of me and my decorating all the time, but I can't let my degree go to complete waste now can I?...If only I could knock out some walls and what not....
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No decorations here. They would be destroyed in minutes
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I can't decorate anything inside the house anymore. But we have christmas light up all year round, outside.
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It is still fairly easy for me to decorate for different holidays, since I still don't have most of my "regular" decorations out since moving!
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Its now the beggining of march and the stores have all this gardening stuff out, Its spring decorating, i called it decorating because i am going to try and grow petunias again this year, or actually just invest 20 or so euros at the gardening store next week, its started to snow again today though and its supposed to keep this up untill weekend

I decorate for easter, i bought these plastic eggs last year and i will get a large vase and some wood (chewable for the cats of course)

I decorate for my birthday too
And christmas!

Occasionally halloween
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In addition to Christmas, Easter is a decorating holiday here too. Halloween is slowly becoming a part of our festive calendar, that kind of holiday was actually celebrated here too to honor ancesters, but Christianity stopped it. The most important local holiday left out is The Midsummer Festival, wich is really important in my culture.
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