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so cute

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Hi Everyone
I saw something sooo cute on the news this morning as I was getting ready for another day at work (I wish weekends were longer!!!) Anyway they showed a mother cat and her new kittens nursing and also 2 baby squirrels! This looked really cute but I wonder how this happened,I always worry about the surrounding circumstances...like is this poor mom & babies outside or what happened to the mom squirrel...or what will happen when the babies grow alittle more I could go on but I will spare you...it was really cute!

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Very interesting! I've never heard of anything like that.
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I have heard of animals being willing to nurse babies of another species before. Those baby squirrels must have been orphaned somehow.
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I saw a really interesting show on Animal Planet (or Discovery) about a place that has a successful tiger breeding program. You'll never guess who they have as a nursemaid....a sow! The little piglets nurse right along side the tiger cubs and even play with them. It was really cute! (They said with newborn tigers the mothers will often accidently hurt the babies by picking them up too rough or laying on them. With nursing the sow they get the nutrients they need and don't have the risk of being hurt. After the cubs get older they are put back with mama to raise them.)
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LOL - I can just picture little tigers oinking and little squirrels not knowing what to do with a nut! Animal mothers are so often generous in giving of themselves - it is a good lesson to look further then skin deep!
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The funniest thing on that show with the tigers and piglets was this little piglet who was trying to play with the tiger cub. Piggy was being all aggressive and the tiger was backing away. Talk about unnatural!
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That's so cute!! I had a baby bunny once that for some strange reason was trying to nurse a mother cat I had. I have a picture of it somewhere. If I can find it I will post it, but here is a visual of it. A mother cat nursing 6 kittens with a little white bunny in the center. I'm not exactly sure if the bunny was actually nursing or not, but it looked real cute.
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My collies raised two baby kittens. The two females nursed the kittens (probably from a dry well, but I was supplementing) and the male let them push on his tummy too. One of them grew up thinking he was a 70 pound collie and chased all the dogs in the neighborhood. They ran, too! I am a real cat lover, but there is a lot to be said for a kind and gentle dog!
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