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Supreme Cuteness Alert!

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Just thought I'd share these. This is of my sweet swirly girl Athena, tucked into my chin when she was just a little squirt.

And this is how big and bad she thinks she is.. playing tag with my dog Dusty (who looks as if he could swallow her in one bite!)

Tag --- yer it!
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THose are so cute! What a precious little girl you have. And Dusty is a cutie pie himself!
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Awwww .... she is absolutely adorable!
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She's extremely cute!
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thanks for the heads up!!!!!...that little kit cat is precious
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She's very cute!
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Awwwww are they sweet or what!! My Rosie used to lie similar when she was a kitten, only on her tummy, and i could hear her breathing in my ear
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How sweet is she?

I love her colouring!!
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Ah, kittens....I need another one!! Kidding.
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Aww she is lovely
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She's not quite that small anymore.. she's about 2 years old now. But I came across those pictures yesterday and couldn't pass up the opportunity to share them

Of course, like all cats.. she appreciates your "purr"aise
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Awwwww!!!!!!!!! This deserves WAY more than a Supreme Cuteness Alert!! What a doll of a kitty.

She is sooooooo cute! Do you have any updated pictures? I'd love to see how she's grown
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That is so cute!
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Awwww she's adorable~!

When my baby boy was sick (about 1-2 mths old then), I slept in his room so I could wake up and syringe water into his mouth. Once I woke up and he was sleeping on my chest all curled up. He looked soooo sweet! That's the only time he slept on me

Now he just lies against people and goes to sleep like that
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How precious. I just love a calico kitty, and these pics really make me want one! (Like I "NEED" another one)
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