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unsupervised cat play?

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being a mom to 2 kitties is very new to me. especially kitties so young.

all the toys i've bought say "supervise your cat" while playing with these toys.

i honestly am afraid to leave toys down for the cats when i'm not around!

roxy eats anything and everything. i'm going to change her name to Hoover Oreck Dyson! if it's on the floor, she eats it. i'm afraid with the little ears on the furry mice, or the string whiskers or tails, that after playing with them and clawing them off, she'll eat the "parts".

and ruby loves the feathers on Da Bird, so i have to put that away as soon as we're done. she'll drag it across their room and try to hide it, so she'll have a snack for later.

are there any "safe" toys that i can leave out for them to play with when i'm not around? they're still kittens, so i'm hoping they outgrow their chewing fetish. (they've chewed the sisal off of a cat tree and a door hanger...yes, chewed...not clawed it off!)

suggestions? should i just cut these parts off when i get a new toy for them? seems a shame, since the parts the kitties are interested in would be the parts i cut off. (i've tried the toys that have the screenprinted images and are simply stuffed and sewn around the edges. kitties are not thrilled. )
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I leave the tiny fury mice out for my cats to play with. Another one I had out was the plastic circle thing with the ball that goes around. Mine got broken thanx to my husband but that toy is a big hit in my house.
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I leave Harley's cloth balls that he plays with out all day, along with his cat tree that has toys on it as well. If they are unsafe, try to get some good sized toy balls that they could chase around all day! I know thats what Harley likes - he doesn't like to play with anything that doesn't roll!
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i have the turbo scratcher with the ball that goes around. they both look at it like, "ok...do something!"

and i have the goofy balls with the bells. they're not particularly fond of those either.

they tend to go for the wand toys. i did have one toy with feathers on a wand (that i didn't have to hold) that roxy just went ga-ga over, but she pulled all the feathers off! i had to take it away because she was trying to eat the feathers.

perhaps when they're finished with their eye drops and we let them out of the bedroom, the balls will be more interesting on the hardwood floors?
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I put away the wand toys when I leave (actually, I have to hide them, otherwise he pulls them out)

I leave out a couple of his fuzzy balls and his favorite rat toy. It's just a 4 inch "rat" made from rabbit fur, and it's his favorite toy. Not much he can rip off on it.
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how about one of those little catnip sacks? My cats LOVE those and entertain themselves with them all the time. Also the little toy mice that have some crinkly things in them to make noise when moved. My cats carry them around like babies.
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Balls of any type are good. Mice are fine as long as you cut off the tails and any parts you think they might eat. My cats especially like the foil balls that make a crinkly sound. Balls of crumpled newspaper are also very popular, and digestible if they happen to eat part of one.

This is my cats' favorite toy: http://www.esmartcat.com/shopping/peek-a-prize.php

I stuff it with toys and treats (Feline Greenies work great!) a few times a day and it keeps them occupied for a while.
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