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kitten lures dog home

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This was in the news today. Great story.

Kitten lures pinscher home


SAULT STE. MARIE -- When Marilyn the Doberman
pinscher ran away from her new home, it took the
cries of a three-week-old kitten to bring her back.

Marilyn was found starving on a Kitchener street a
month ago. She was taken to an animal shelter
where she stole the hearts of the entire city when
she adopted a litter of homeless, three-week-old

She was adopted Friday by Ron and Peggy Lund
and taken to her new home in the Sault.

But she ran away Saturday.

In the hopes of luring the dog back, the Lunds
borrowed a kitten from a friend. When it started
meowing Sunday, Lund saw Marilyn slowly walking
toward them.

"She is a little timid but she is giving the kitten kisses galore," Lund said.
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How sweet!

I think that family needs to consider permanently adpoting some kittens for their new dog!
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lol :laughing:

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Thats so sweet that the dog adopted the kittens. Her owner should definitely adopt some or all of the kittens.
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See this is why I'm such a Dobie fan!! They like to adopt things as their own.
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Great story!!!
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Cute story!
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Who says dogs and cats can't get along!
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I never said that sunlion! They can get along, and this story just goes to prove it!
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That touches my heart!
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