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Pyometra timeline

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Anyone know how fast open Pyometra spreads and becomes life threatening? Days? Weeks? Months?

I took in an abandoned/feral/stray cat and she has it and I'm trying to place her with a rescue group, but they are all full up and are telling me the wait will be anywhere from 2 weeks-2 months until they can take her.

Is it so immediatly life threatening that I need to push this and search for out of state rescues, or would a few weeks be an ok wait?
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At the very least she needs to be seen by a vet and put on antibiotics - spaying her would be the recommended treatment though. Is there any way the local rescue could at least get her spayed now?

Infections (pyo is a uterine infection) can spread and become systemic very quickly. An open pyo is preferable to a closed one, but nonetheless, this girl needs to be seen - now.
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My one experience with pyometra is that it is an emergency, even the "open" variety, although the "closed" version is rapidly fatal if untreated.
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Although it could be a strain - work out a deal with payment plan - 30 bucks
a month maybe even... so long as she gets the care, and the vet knows you will eventually pay it off. I had one case of that in stay I fixed - and it was open. She really really need the surgery. It worked to cure her. Anti bios at the outside if you can't get her operated on... ask the vet - he should be willing to at least TRY to help maintain her till surgery...
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We're not talking days, we're talking hours. My oldest female got very sick within just a few hours. She went from "top show condition" to "pretty damn close to death" within not even six hours. The vet wouldn't even perform acute surgery on her but put her on antibiotics over the night and spayed her after 20 hours or so.

The lady is perfectly fine today.
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