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Cat Adjusting to New Kitten - But Mad At Parents :(

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We have an 8 month old male cat (named Milo) who we rescued from outside when he was a little baby. If we hadn't rescued him and taken care of him, he would have starved to death outside. He used to weigh .75 pounds but now he's a healthy 10 pound cat! He has his quirks and his own personality just like any other cat, but my wife has been commenting over the past few months about how he doesn't like to cuddle as much as he did when he was a baby.

Yesterday we were at Petsmart and my wife and I saw a female cat named Hanah that looked almost exactly like him that is about 3 months old. She was a rescue as well and my wife fell in love with her instantly. We brought her home and at first Milo pretty much ignored her - for about ten seconds and then he started growling and hissing. We took her upstairs to an empty room and my wife stayed with her with the door closed while I stayed downstairs with Milo. Then he started growling and hissing at me. When my wife came down after a while, he did the same thing at her. Obviously he's mad at us for bringing another cat home.

But here's the weird part - last night my wife was holding Hanah and she got away from her (she's very quick) and her and Milo started playing - not fighting but actually playing. She even kissed him on the nose a couple of times and he didn't mind. Even though she has her own food and water dish, they drank out of the same water bowl together and even sat together on the window-sill looking outside for a while. But - when Milo saw that we were looking at them, he started with the hissing and growling - not at her, but at us. He's even tried to take a couple of swipes and bites at me.

He still gets a LOT of the attention, treats, etc. that he was getting before so it's not like we've taken anything away from him. We even made sure that Hanah has her own food and water dish, pillow, and toys and keep those seperate as well (Milo's stuff is downstairs where it's always been and Hanah's is upstairs in the guest room).

Does anyone have any tips on handling his behavior? It's almost as if he's really fine with Hanah, but when me or my wife are around he wants to "put on a show" or pretend that he doesn't like her - or us.
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That happened to me once. My existing cat was so upset about the new kitten that she was hissing and growling at me and I couldn't go near her. Once they calmed down, she was fine. She was only like that for a couple of days. I think they're just so stressed out because of the new arrival, they take it out on everyone. Must be a very senstiive cat. Just keep them separate for a while and introduce them gradually day by day.
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Well when I brought Diablo home, Shebs the resident cat quit purring for me. She would cuddle and purr for anyone, except me. I got the cold shoulder for about 4 - 6 MONTHS!!! But she and didi were just fine after a week together... she taught him his first "catly" art - trash can diving!!
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Thanks for the reply! Is there anything we should do in the meantime to let him know that "Hey you're growling and hissing at the people that have taken care of you most of your life but that's okay because we still love you as much as we did when we brought you inside - and you're still our baby"?
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Just give him some time and it will all work out. My Tipsy reacted the same way when we brought Cedar home and I remember crying cause I thought Tipsy hated me - within days Tipsy was the loving boy he always was once again. It will just take some time for him to adjust. Continue showing him affection as you have doing, but just give him the space he needs to adjust.

Have you read the information on how to introduce a new cat to the household?
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