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Kitten Bed

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When my mother cat had her kittens she had a fit if I wasn't right there next to her while she was having them. When they were about a week old she carried them all up to my bed and she has been keeping them up their sleeping by me since. I have tried to make a bed for all of them in the closet (with the door kept open of course), and she just brings them right back up onto the bed. Right now I have a little teepee and blanket on the living room floor and the kittens seem very happy out here. They have plenty of room to run around and play. But sometimes when the bigger cats are playing the mother will put them back in the bedroom on the bed. It's quite cute and you get used to sleeping with kittens (and not rolling on top of them). Has anyone else heard of this before?
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I haven't heard of it, but it sounds like your kitty just thinks the world of you! She probably finds comfort in you just being there (why she wanted you there when she was giving birth) and sees you as her protector, so she wants to make sure her kittens are protected too. You must be very special to your kitty for her to trust you with her babies!!!
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Poeski - I think that is great that your momma trusts you so much to share her kits that way! Lucky lucky you!
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