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Scream didn't come home last night...

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My baby Scream didn't come back last night.. I had returned home around 1:00 am, my cats were all inside for the whole evening, Spook, wanted to go out, he did but sat on the first step still deciding , when out of nowhere Scream jumps by me through the 1/2 open door, and manages to sprint right over Spook, landed and took off running! I do let my cats go out to use the bathroom and fresh air, all the while I keep a close eye on them, especially Scream, she loves it outside and to much time inside for her is dangerous to my house and its furnishings.
I know she is immature, so I keep close taps on her, going to the door every 5 min. or 10 min at the most, I live in the country and at this particular time we have a male stray that my dad feeds, ( they live next door) who is roaming thru my cats space and I have caught him chasing Scream, and this will sound crazy but I know he had done something to her because she is scared of him, she will hiss, spit and groul at him if he walks up on the deck to the french door which is glass, and she is on the inside looking out! Mind you this is what I mean't by crazy is that I adore cats, and would never
want to harm one but one morning I got tired of him hustling her and got my 22 pistol out , went outside and started shooting at him! omg!
I missed him but I didn't have my glasses on, but I came real close my son said. Well I know in my heart that's what happen to Scream last night. she probably ran into him in the woods and he chased her in the dark and she's gone, hiding, ran away etc.
Surely he wouldn't kill her? would he? She is fixed but I'm lost is all I know!
I searched all day, talking my neighbors, riding down the roads around my house, crying, I keep imagining some awful fate, and I feel like I've let her down!!! I have been up now 2nd night I just got back riding the road , up the cemetary, and church at 5:00 am calling her name, What can I do besides put out pics of her, I walked all through the woods by my house and all through the lot beside me and behind me and my parents and their neighbors yard and my other neighbors house! She has just vanished into thin air!
I'm not giving up search for her, I know this is not right but she has no collar on with tags, she is not even a year old yet and was the runt of the litter, her neck is so small that they are too big, and get caught on things, like her own mouth! so I don't trust collars for fear of choking or hanging!i have to go to bring my son to school any advice and prayers are greatly appreciated!
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I'll move this to SOS for you, but please don't shoot at other cats
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This is the reason I really recommend microchipping. It is smaller than a grain of rice and is injected beneath the skin between the shoulder blades and contains the owner's information. Should your little one end up at a shelter or pound, they would scan her and know that she belongs to you.

Here is an site with helpful advice


I live in the country and at this particular time we have a male stray that my dad feeds, ( they live next door) who is roaming thru my cats space and I have caught him chasing Scream, and this will sound crazy but I know he had done something to her because she is scared of him, she will hiss, spit and groul at him if he walks up on the deck to the french door which is glass, and she is on the inside looking out!
It alarms me that you would shoot at another cat. Cats are by nature territorial...if I knew there was a stray roaming around...I woudn't let my cat outdoors. He doesn't know it's her territory....and honestly, in the cat world...territory is won by scaring off the cat that resides there. Do I think he harmed her? He could have...but I think by shooting at him...you may have scared your girl as well. What I would recommend is borrowing a trap and setting it out near where you last saw her. Domesticated cats tend not to roam too far from their home so hopefully you can trap her and bring her home. I would also HIGHLY recommend that you trap this stray and have him neutered. His aggression is probably in part due to the fact that he is an intact male. He can then be safely returned to where you found him. Cats are not human and it is not his fault that he is simply following the cat's way of life.

If you don't want him "visiting"..then I would suggest putting up a cat fence around your property.


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Whenever I did shoot at that cat, was a totally
different day, probably two weeks ago! Scream had run into the house. I would have never shot to kill just to scare way. I probably couldn't hit the
broadside of a barn much less a running target! I've fed the cat a time or two since. TNR, I am a firm believer in, that is how I got my 4 cats! They were wild
and left at our local car wash, which I fed them 2 times a day for several months until we (my son and I) trapped each and instead of return to the carwash we took them home, Mama was pregant, so she had her 3 kittens at our house. we gave 2 away and kept 1 the runt-- Scream, she screamed
from the time she came out, and bless her heart, she never could find the tit!
But it's hard to pay for 4 cats being a single parent, we have no assistance
for this type of thing! and I would love to get something like a mobile clinic
for this rural area where I live, People don't take care of their animals here! I just want Scream to come home now!!! No need to trap this male, he's tame!
I just can't afford him too, then they want to give them their shots, so it runs around 80..00. Anyway, I guess your right about him chasing off her for his territory, he did exactly that! Now I don't have my baby anymore!
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Any update on Scream. I would put an article of your clothing out along with some cat litter and food. She is most likely very close by.
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Is Scream spayed? Just wondering ...
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It concerns me deeply when somebody can lose their temper enough to draw a GUN on a cat and fire at it.

i think you should get rid of the gun.

I hope scream comes home to you safe and well.
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Thanks for your replies, yes Scream is spayed. And still no Scream, I'm really having a hard time, the not knowing what happened to her, is literally driving me crazy! I've put out posters with her pic on them, talked to all the people
that live on my road about her, etc. My dad thinks something got her, well I have a hard time with that because she would have Screamed to let me know
if something wasn't right, I was awake, and at the door every 5 min calling for
her, everytime I opened either door and called for her, I noticed how silent
it was outside, usually if she didn't come running thru the leaves, I would give her a min. and call again and then I'd hear her rustling thru the leaves, only to run back inside. The silence is so hurtful, I will put out food and some clothing, litter is already out, but I know that the food will be eaten by that
male cat, I just saw him drinking out of my birdbath! Do you think he really could have run her off and she be close by? I think she would of tried to break and run for it by now, but this morning I looked outside and he was out there marking my wysteria bush.
She's a "Screamer" though that is how she got her name, if she were close she would have screamed at me whenever I was combing the area, the last couple of days!!
One other time I couldn't get her to come in , my cat spook, took off down the driveway, my first reaction is get in the truck and drive to the road to make sure they are not run over in the rode, so I got in the truck and headed down the drive and Spook was stopped at the end of the tree line at this corner cedar tree looking straight up, I thought "Why is he doing that ?"
I got to the rode and there wasn't anyone run over on the road, so i turned
around and headed back up the drive, spook still looking straight up that tree, so I rolled down my window and I looked up in the tree and that is when I heard Scream, she was screamin! she got stuck up there and didn't know how to get down, so with some help and encouragement, I got her down! Spook is so in tune, and he was outside with her the night she dissappeared, I can't believe he wouldn't know where to go find her if she where close by, he and my mama cat (screams mom) have walked with me
every step , with me crying and calling out for her, they kept tabs on scream, and i know they know she's gone, that is why I don't think she's close! I haven't seen any buzzards yet and I can't find a body! every night I get this weird feeling like she's alone and I can't help her, oh well
This is to anyone else that is so deeply considered about my actions toward
that stray cat, I appreciate your concern, but no need to have ill feelings
that was my stupid action, if you can put your self in my shoes, would you let this animal constantly hustle, chase, fight, torment, one of your precious baby cats! would that be alright for him to do? just think about it, really think about it! I admitted it was wrong, but when something is hurting something you love and cherish.... it had happened so much, that morning I heard him on her , i was temporially insane, I normally would not even think in those terms, but I did what I did, now I feel like he is the reason is she gone ! But please no need for any more concerns! I feel bad enough!
I'm just lost! I'll quit rampling now! thanks for listening! Monique
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I was furious with a feral male who kept fighting with my avatar boy Will. Finally, I decided I was being irrational. I had two unneutered male cats fighting over my area...they were simply acting according to their nature. The fact that one is a total lovebug and the other is wild in no way diminishes his right to just be a kitty.

I was able to neuter the wild boy at my vets, they have a program for ferals. And I quit putting off neutering Will. I also named the wild boy Tommy, and was able to come to grips with the fact that he has every right to chose my home and barns as his.

Cats disagree and fuss, but it is unlikely that the tom killed your kitten. Keep looking, and she will hopefully come home soon. And please don't shoot to scare...you could have hit him or something else! Maybe you can get something else like a loud horn if you need to chase him off...but better to let the kitties work it out.
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Well today I decided to go to my nephew's farm and borrow his 4-wheeler, for getting further into the woods behind my house, and really don't know why, just had to call for Scream through there, heck I guess I was hoping for a miracle, like she would just pop up out there onto the lane I was riding on or something! Told ya, "crazy" that is me and crazy is sounding sane right about now!ha ha! My friend and I took off down the beaten trail, beautiful day today, 70's and sunny, gotta love Texas right now, it's pleasant weather this time of year! We rode, and yelled and looked and rode somemore, saw things I didn't know where back behind my house, put still no sign of Scream!!
We rode for about an hour and a half, it was time to go and pick up, Jace from school, so I call the search off, picked up Jace, ran home to do homework, and change clothes, then off again for Baseball practice, after that we rode over to a friends house, to visit him and his son, when I got a call from my dad, (my folks live beside me)
I also kept having Scream feelings the whole time over at Matt's, but my phone didn't have good enough reception out there, so after 10 min. I got Jace and we started home, the phone rang and it was my dad again, he said,"Monique, I don't want to get you too excited, because I don't know if it's truly her, but I was walking and I saw a lil gray cat over at your house, so I walked over and it looks like Scream," he said "now I couldn't be for sure, it's dark, but I went home and got some food and put it out and it may be but it may not be, just get home quick to see!" well, my son and I were in constant prayer the whole way home, we were also so excited but trying to contain it just in case it wasn't her!
we get to our driveway, and turn to see 4 eyes, staring back at us , we looked and we saw that one cat was Love, and there was .... i have to say this cat was the same size, colors, same exact face and colors of it, that Scream has, but it stood up and turned sideways, and the black marking were different, they went in a circle , Scream has more up and down markings and Screams' tail is so big and fluffy, (foxlike), and this kitty's tail was just a regular tail!
It wasn't her, and Jace broke down crying, bless his heart, he has be the pillar of faith with all the love and hugs this week for me, I have been soo distraught, crying , and he would say "Mom she is going to come back!" and hug and hold me. Thank you lord for my son, precious angel. but tonight he just fell apart!! of course I am trying to coax , "Scream's Angel" (that is what i called her) over to me but Love wouldn't really let her come , he wasn't being mean, I don't know, so after about 30 min. I just gave up, and left the food out there and maybe she'll get to eat!
OK..... now where did this young cat come from all of a sudden? Same size , colors, face, disposition, as Scream, weird, weird, weird!!!! maybe the replacement? I'm still not giving up on Scream, for the life of me I still can't imagine how she could dissappear totally, and now where did this one come from?????
I asked God, if it was in his will to bring Scream back home to us, makes me wonder, if this one was sent in place of , but then i think: why couldn't he have just sent Scream, did they cross paths out there somewhere! and for this one to look so similiar, God can do anything, why not just send Scream!
Now I am crazy, I'm sorry for all of this rambling, such drama! I just thought it was interesting and thought you all might want to stay tuned for the next scene!! ha ha, going to bed, Love, Monique
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I don't know if anyones mentioned it but have you tried sprinkling some of Screams used cats litter around so she can pick up her scent?
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we have 2 litter boxes and I had just taken one outside on the porch that night so it has been out there, the problem with that is i have an acre of land! I don't have enough to cover it, should i sprinkle it around my house or close to the woods but which side of the woods, plus where we go to dump the old litter is out there also. I am not giving up on her! Thanks for all of your support!!!!!! Monique
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love your new siggy they're gorgeous

so c'mon, dont keep us in suspense,what are their names?
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I would sprinkle it from your house to as far as you can go because it won't do any harm, and good for you for not giving up because stranger things have happend where they've turned up weeks later
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Thanks Rosie, I did do that, yesterday I saw one of my neighbors, who lives
at the end of our street, he is a game warden, I asked if he may have seen
Scream as I showed him her pic, he said, "oh honey, I'm sorry I haven't, our cat hasn't been home in 2 days either." he seems to think the coyotes probably got them! Last night I was standing by some leaves I had raked and was burning when I heard them, out in the pasture across the street, I thought of Scream, being so curious and ......well you can only imagine what went through my mind then, as I listened to them howling, I had to go inside, I pray they didnt' but something inside of me says....well I not giving up my faith of her return!
And as long as there is faith, there is always hope! Bless her Lord for my ignorance, what a painful lesson to learn!! I sure do miss that "Screamer!"
Yesterday a friend came by he helped me post a couple of my kitty pics,
the one of Scream I had is really great, but when he was resizing it he got it too small, so I'll see if I can do something with it, I am computer stupid, so bare with me, but the two pics that are on the above post are 1-Spook, 2-Love, Spook was my first rescue from the car wash. Love came home with us, 6 months after, they have the same Mom, just born at different times. Mama, is also Screams mom. I trapped her finally, to have her spayed, only to find our she was pregant again and too far along, she was so wild, but she was so good, we brought her home and put her in Jace's playroom. She was unbelievable, we never knew she was here, and a few weeks later is when she had 3 kittens, Scream was born last and was the runt, she came out Screamin' so that is were her crazy name came from! I have a pic of them, but I may need some help, Rosie I'll let you know, I use photobucket but most of those pics are from my camera phone, I'll see if I can get more pics off my computer sent over there, my friend showed me some things yesterday but had to cook some lunch while he finished getting the two posted that are on here, then he had to leave. so maybe if I mess with it now I'll be able to get Mama, Scream's on there also! Love reminds me of a maine coon cat, he is huge, his eyes are awesome, light lime green, he has this collar of fur around his neck, he looks just like his brother, Puff-Daddy,
another off spring of Mama, (same litter) but after we had Puff trapped and neutered, we returned him to the carwash (he was the 1st we trapped) he ended up run over a few days later, it was awful, Jace had worked so hard to tame Puff (Puff's name came from that same collar of fur around the neck that Love has) I have a pic of him also. That is when we decided to TNR and bring each one home with us. These cats are beautiful, long haired except for
Spook, his coat looks like its mink, he is the one that has 1/2 his tail, a chunk torn from his ear, and a disfigured nose, he is the best cat, so intelligent! I love my babies to know end, well off I go to the photobucket.........have a great day everyone!
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If you want to e-mail any pictures to me i'll shrink them and put them up for you


Just another thought?, have you asked people to check inside any of their sheds or somewhere that scream might have walked into and got locked in accidently?, because thats been known to happen as well
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Thanks, about the pictures, I will take you up on that so be ready! And I have read in my PAWS TO THINK magazine to ask neighbors if you can look under decks and sheds to see if they are hiding, they happened to have a great article in their last issue on lost cats and dogs and their behaviors.I don't know if you can go to my profile or not if so my recent pic of Scream is there under pic profile, I thought it would show up as an icon before my signature on every post or thread but it hasn't, I just don't understand all the lingo for the computer. I'll send that picture of Scream again, I also have an acc at photobucket. But some of those pics aren't named so you wouldn't know which ones I wanted to show, I'll just email them to you, but I want one of each cat to show up like yours are at the end of my post/threads, how did you get them to do that permanently? or do you have to put them there after every thing you write? Retarded, that would be me! Thanks in advance I have to go right now I'm working today at the voter poles for a primary election, and where i am working is out in the country, at a community center, I pulled up this morning and there was a very thin black lab, well I can't stand to see that and he is so sweet so i've come home from some cat food i bought that the cats won't eat, but i dread leaving there and him on my mind worrying about him, lord knows i really dont' need a dog and i have asked every one if they would take him home, but no one yet wants him, that is so sad, any suggestions, where i live people don't really care about animals, not all but most!! there are no programs for this kind of thing, people just dump them out in the country and leave them to starve and drive away, never to think of the animal again! People are so cold! they make me sick well back to the poles!!! Monique (is lost, and so is Scream)
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Oh i can see Scream in your profile!, she's a little sweetie from what i can see

Those pictures at the bottom of my post are called a siggy. I can't make those but if you go to the " Support and Announcements " forum theres a section there on siggies and weve got quite a few members here who will be more than happy to make you one of your fur kids But let me know about the pictures

That's so sad about the black lab and i'd be doing exactly the same as you, so bless your heart
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Last year, one of my cats Hairball Harry McDoughal) left home. He was pretty much a home boy so I think he got run off. I advertized, checked all the time with the animal societies around here and would drive the van around calling for him. No McDoughal so after a month I sort of gave up (DON'T EVER DO THIS BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN). On the 32nd day, I came home from work at 8:30 AM because I had to pack to work for a couple of days out of town and as I was putting my bag in the van, I heard a very pitiful meow and here this filthy dirty paper thin red cat was barely walking across the street. IT WAS HAIRBALL HARRY MCDOUGHAL--HURRAY!!!!!!). I rushed him into the house and cleaned him up the best I could. He has pooh all over his bony rump, ear mites, fleas, filth all over him and I could put 2 fingers over his spine and feel the fingers and barely any cat. I called my petsitter (she lives across the street) and she came over. I had beef broth in my cabinet so I heated him up about a bowl and put it in my bedroom, added a large baking pan of litter and put him in there. I shut the door and told my pet sitter just to do the same but not let him out and I would be home Friday night. Saturday morning I took him to my vet. He gave him a massive shot of vitamins, another massive shot of antibiotics, checked him out,defleaed and demited him, and the nurse gave him a bath. The vet had said that he was very close to death and the only thing that saved him was probably scavaging because I know he didn't know how to hunt. It took almost a month but he is very much back to normal. The really funny thing is that I can let him out and he stays in the yard. He refuses to outside the yard so I truly believe that he still remembers his experience. So please don't give up on Screamer.
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I will be adding my prayers to Jace's & yours for Scream's safe return home. As for coyotes, if you don't have a good yard dog on patrol (could it be that God sent you a black lab? ) you could have your husband to "mark territory" using his scent (or anyother guys/boys - they seem to relish that chore ). I had to do that here to keep the coyotes off the property (we have a very large piece of land, too). you can do some detective work & look for coyote droppings (their calling cards) and just have the guys pee on that marker (just be discreet - the neighbors might not understand) and around a perimeter where you want to keep coyotes away. I know it sounds so unsanitary & gross, but it is communications in a language that coyotes understand and respect. My friend finally had her husband do it, too, and she has to confess that it has been working wonders at keeping the coyotes & the foxes out of her hen coops.
I hope to read a good post about Screamer soon. Susan
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I will never give up, I had a dream that she came home, as for the coyotes, well to my knowledge, they haven't been in my yard (1 acre) but they are in the pasture across the rode almost every night or back in the woods behind me, she may have run across the rode that night but I don't know what she would do or what to think, do you call your cat hairball, everyday for those 32 days? the thought of scream dragging herself and maybe not making quite back home is what kills me!! and she didn't know how to hunt either! that kills me also!!!! i feel so helpless! some friends say if she came across the coyotes she would of run up a tree! where do coyotes live during the day? in dens in the woods? surely she would of smell their scent before any encounter!thanks for all and any prayers! i thought about that with the lab, and taking it home but i haven't decided because i'm scared my other 3 cats may not like him get scared and run off! or if scream tries to come home and there is a new dog here she may not come back because of him!! I love all of ya'll for helping me through this! I will get Jace to mark the territory around here, he already has some believe me! what is that thing with men and boys? i think its a country men/boys kind of thing, as for my husband, (and it's ok)
but we lost him 4 1/2 yrs ago in a car accident! Times like these I really miss him!!! I didn't tell you that to hurt your feelings cause it really is ok!!! And i believe that was great advice for marking terrritory it's not gross, it's a way of life here in the country! love ya'll, Monique
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Im sorry to hear about hub Monique, life can be cruel at times

I've got your pics, the ones that would open for me that is, so i'll put your little beauties in fur pages
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maybe you can find some more ideas on how to find Scream here: Lost Pets

Edit: well, that was a website Hissy posted a lot, but i've discovered that their links don't work good luck finding Scream
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How long has this cat been gone. I do hope he is safe and comes home soon.
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Not this past Sunday morning, but the Sunday before that.
I know I could of worded as this Sunday morning will be 2 wks. but
that sounds so long!!! Bless her heart! I miss her so much! All I know is
I'd rather know she as crossed over and is with God at peace, then to know she was starving out there somewhere and can't find her way home! The not knowing is so hard!! Monique
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Cats are hunters Monique so i'm sure Scream would be finding the odd mouse somewhere along the way.

Is it a quiet town where you live?
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Pretty quiet, population around 5000!
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Oh I'm so sorry Scream is missing. I really hope she is safe and finds her way home soon
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I was hoping after the weekend there might have been some good news
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