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Is Toby sick???....

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....or am I just being a worrywart?
The last 2 days he has acted perfectly normal rearing and tearing though the house, playing fetch and rough housing with Tedy. Eating and litter box habits are same as usual....the only difference `I`ve noticed is that he seems more loving than usual.
This morning he is eating and has used the litter box fine, but his usual energy level is not there. He`s been laying on the back of Larry`s recliner ever since we got up a couple of hours ago. This should be his "wild-time" of the day...and he`s acting lazy. He seems happy to have me pet him whenever I walk back and forth past him, but this is just NOT HIM. He`s not even "talking" and he`s quite the "gabber" usually.
I`m thinking of taking him to the vet...or will they think I`m nuts?
He`s not acting sick in any other way....no coughing, sneezing or throwing up or diarrhea etc...just not himself.
Or could it be possible that he was up all night playing and is just tired?
It just seem ODD to me...and I am worried.
Thanks for any input.
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Also....the cat carrier I have was last used to take a stray cat to a friends farm that wanted some barn cats....so I have`nt brought the carrier back into the house and would want to be sure it is clean before using it to take Toby to the vet if I need to.
What is the best way to clean it?
Can I put it in the bathtub and wash it with soap and bleachy water....or is it dangerous to even carry it in through the house...just in case this stray "had anything"? Or will bleach not kill anything ??? I do not want my cats to catch anything off it, and will pitch the carrier and have my son run to Wally`s and buy a new one if necessary.
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It's okay to worry, Linda we all do!

When you say that Toby has used the litter tray, did he poop? I just ask as Tibby acted similarly a few days ago and he had slight constipation and it was making him feel sluggish.

If you are worried, maybe you could call the vets and explain how Toby seems and see if they would like you to bring him in?! It might put your mind at ease too!

As for the box, I would say that it would be fine to wash it with bleachy water in the bath, I don't think that there would be anything contageous remaining on the box, as it has been quite a while since it was used.

I hope Toby is back to his usual self soon!
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I clean carriers, litterboxes, everything like that in hot bleach water. You can either take it apart into two pieces and let it soak for a 1/2 hour in the tub, or flip it over so top and bottom get to soak.

Most likely it is no longer carrying anything, but better safe than sorry. Distemper is an ugly virus, carried in the environment, and is killed by bleach.

Hopefully by now Toby is feeling better. If not, there is no harm in a quick vet visit! They can check his temp, etc.
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Thanks Sarah and Becky.
Toby is playing right now, but he`s been asleep all morning. Maybe the boys were up playing hard all night....or something about the weather turning so much colder (???) I don`t know....but i`m going to keep an eye on his behavior...I`m not 100% sure that he is quite up to par, even though he is acting better right now, and will take him to the vet if he starts acting sluggish again.
Gosh...this is as bad as having kids! (Don`t they usually start acting better when they are sick and you mention a doctor visit?)
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