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I've posted once before regarding my 9 mo, male cat, Nicky, and his yowling habits.

A woman I work with was unable to keep her 4 mo, male cat, Stormy, due to her son's health problems, so I've adopted him.

Both are spayed.

I brought Stormy home and introduced him to the house and to Nicky. I'm assuming it's normal for them to circle each other, swatting and whatnot - establishing an alpha position, right?

I've put Stormy in the bedroom for the night with his food, water, and litter, and I will let him out in the morning before I go to school.
While at school, he'll go back in the bedroom, though.

Nicky seems fine with Stormy - eager to guard his position as master of the apartment, and curious as a... well.... as a cat. He's at the bedroom door right now, with the tip of his tail twitching slightly.

I've read that you should introduce kitties in stages - so that's what I'm trying to do.
Is there anything that I can do to make this transition easier?