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Two and a half days post-spay

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Just thought I'd give everybody an update on my Kitty. She was spayed on Friday morning and besides thinking she is going to go crazy penned up in my bedroom for a week she appears to be doing fine. I examine her incision twice a day for problems and so far so good. The red has faded to a slight pink now. My post surgical paper said to limit her activity as much as possible for a week. I figured my bedroom was the safest place, but she still feels she has to jump up and down off the bed and up and down off the desk and she worries me terribly when she does that! If she jumps from something too high she always hides for a while, so it must hurt or something. I am going to let her out tomorrow morning to wonder around for her peace of mind so she can check and make sure her kingdom is still firmly in hand and to allow the peasants of her kingdom to rub shoulders with her! Meaning the rest of my family. My brother thinks I am cruel keeping her pinned up for a week, but I want her to heal properly and not re-open her incision or anything. She is eating good and drinking. My vet used hidden absorbable sutures, so I don't have to worry about her biting at them and pulling them out. I think that would be the best route to go. She doesn't even bother her incision at all. She licks her shaved tummy and stuff but not excessively. Below are a few pictures of my baby. Her name is Miss Kitty, or just Kitty for short. I started out with the name Graycie and it just never stuck, and by that time she responded to Kitty, so Kitty it is!

Here is Her Royal Highness Miss Kitty sleeping in the middle of my bed.

In this picture you can just see the top of her incision. The incision kind of just looks like a crease. Very neat and clean.

Kitty is trying to reach her incision, but just can't quite reach it. The two pouches on her tummy hide her incision nicely when she tries to lick at it.

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Sounds like everything is going well! That is good news! She is adorable, by the way - I love tuxedo kitties. I had a little girl named Domino once and I still miss her horribly. Your little sweetie reminds me of her.
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Aw, Kitty is adorable.

We didn't confine our little Mika or Bijou after their surgeries and they were fine. I wouldn't worry - sounds like Kitty is doing fine.
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Kitty is adorable! The incision is very neat - much neater than my girls' incisions but they had internal and external sutures. Keeping her quiet and rested is a very good idea. Cindy behaved herself after her surgery but Bella refused to rest and was very active all through her recovery period. As a result, she ended up with a seroma which had to be drained She's ok now but I could have done without the additional stress
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Incision looks great. If she's starting to get antsy I'd let her out of your room. Emma was running around like a maniac several days after her spay and was fine. Just keep an eye on the incision to make sure its still doing well.
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