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Sick, Sick, Sick

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I find that discusions about things like this are some of the most interesting threads we have here at TCS. When I read this story I was shocked, sick to my stomach and heartbroken. I don't have kids but it's beyond my comprehension how someone could hurt their own offspring. I truelly can't wrap my mind around it. I hope that this man spends the rest of his life in jail thinking about what he did every single day and that the guilt eats him alive.

Mother of Slain Girls Testifies
The Associated Press
Apr 23 2002 8:49AM

DALLAS (AP) - The last time Mary Jean Pearle saw her two young daughters alive, she had just turned them over to her ex-husband who was supposed to take the children to dinner.
Pearle said she watched John Battaglia take longer than usual loading 9-year-old Faith and 6-year-old Liberty into his pickup. Then they were gone.

Battaglia is accused of shooting the couple's girls that night at his apartment loft while their mother listened helplessly on the phone.

On the first day of testimony Monday in Battaglia's capital murder trial, Pearle recounted the longing doubt she felt on May 2 as she dropped off the children with her ex-husband. She also told jurors of the abuse she had endured at the hands of the 46-year-old accountant.

``For our entire marriage, John had been very verbally abusive to me,'' Pearle testified. ``I kept trying to work it out. I wanted my kids to have a mom and dad... I kept thinking if he'd just go get counseling, he'd stop yelling.''

Dressed in a black suit, Battaglia sat emotionless during most of the testimony, but mouthed the words ``I'm sorry'' to Pearle, who avoided eye contact. Battaglia has pleaded innocent.

At the time of the girls' deaths, authorities were preparing to ask a judge to revoke his two-year probation for assaulting Pearle. The request alleged that Battaglia had violated conditions of the probation, which barred him from contacting his ex-wife.

Pearle testified Monday that the night her daughters were killed, Battaglia sent word for Pearle to call him. When she did, he allegedly had Faith ask on the speaker phone, ``Mommy, why do you want Daddy to have to go to jail?''

Then she said she heard her daughter say, ``No Daddy, please, no don't do it.''

``I knew it was so bad,'' Pearle told jurors in raw, heart-wrenching testimony. ``Because she had never said no to her daddy in her whole life.''

Pearle said she heard five gun shots and Battaglia yelling profanity.

Pearle called police, who broke into the apartment and found the girls' bodies, along with handguns, shotguns and rifles. Photographs of the crime scene showed the little bodies, barefooted, face down in pools of blood, the elder sister with bullet holes down her back.

Battaglia was arrested hours later with a fresh tattoo on his left arm of two flowers representing his daughters. Prosecutors said he had gone out for a ``night on the town'' and left a message on the children's answering machine calling them ``very brave,'' and their mother ``evil'' and ``vicious.''

``Good night my little babies,'' Battaglia was heard saying on the message played in court. ``I hope you are resting.''
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How awful! What in the world would ever make someone kill their own children!?!?! That guy is a sick bas*@rd!! I feel so sorry for the girls and their mother.
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AP, you're right, that is truly SICK.... its so sad, and so disgusting... I don't know what to say.... I hope he gets whats coming to him...whatever that may be....
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That is a horrid story. I get so sick to my stomach when I read things like this. As most of you, my kids are my life. My son and daughter are the most precious things that I've ever had, they are my whole world, my breath. I cannot even begin to fathom what these people are thinking when they commit such heinous crimes.

I hope justice is served to this evil man.
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That man is very very sick!!! I really don't understand a person who does something like that at all!
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What a selfish bas$#%^! How could anyone do that? Obviously unstable. Sounds to me that he wanted to 1) punish the ex-wife and 2) get attention for himself. Calmly going out and getting a tattoo in memory of his children? I'm surprised his lawyers aren't trying the insanity defense.
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We have recently had a nasty case of child abuse in the courts in Toronto. It is the worst case of child abuse in Canadian history. Here is a brief story on the subject. I do want to let you know that both parents were found guilty of his murder and are awaiting sentencing.

Heartbreaking Horror

If it’s hard to listen to, it’s even harder to have lived it. Even court veterans were moved to tears by the testimony of Teego Dooley, the
brother of an abused boy.
Randal Dooley’s father Edward and his stepmother
Marcia are both charged in his death. But it’s what happened before the 7-year-old died that has
sickened so many.
Teego related endless cases of abuse that began
after the boy arrived in Canada in 1997. He
alleges Marcia used her fists, feet, belts and
broomsticks, beating the child on almost every
part of his body. He recounted terrible tales of
Randal being made to eat his own vomit, and of
his stepmother breaking his elbow by yanking it
into his jacket.
And then came September 24th, 1998, when
Marcia beat Randal with slippers for soiling
himself. When she demanded the boy get out of
his bunk bed, he fell and hit his head. When
Teego woke up next to him in the morning, he was
dead. His father told police the boy committed
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Yeah, I'm surprised they haven't pulled the old 'Not Guilty by reason of Insanity' bit out of their hats as well. What kind of moron came up with that anyways? Don't you have to be a bit out of the normal pattern of thinking to off someone anyways?(other than in self defense of course)People who are sane don't murder children, so its kind of a given that hes insane. I hope the SOB makes a lot of nice 'friends' in prison.
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If, ever, a case called for the death penalty, this is it.
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This is a recent story covered by the local news. I can't understand how anyone could do such a thingMan Accused of Beating His Guide Dog to Death

LANSDALE, PA - February 27, 2002 - A Montgomery County man accused of killing his dog went
to court Wednesday. You saw the story first on Action News just last
week. The man is accused of beating his dog to death while walking
him home.

What makes the case unusual is the man is vision impaired, and the
victim was his guide dog.

After a short stay in court, Craig Miller decided to skip the hearing of
evidence. There now can be a trial on animal cruelty charges. Outside
court Wednesday, Craig Miller carried a white cane. There was no
K-9 companion. He and his guide dog Inky - a 5-year-old black lab -
used to be fixtures in Lansdale. But it is alleged Miller kicked Inky to
death February 8th as the dog lead him home from a bar.

A blood trail led to Miller's home. The one-time candidate for borough mayor had nothing to say
Wednesday, but his attorney claims Miller still has a deep love for dogs and is innocent of the
cruelty charges.

Nino Tinari/ Defense Attorney: "I'm saying there was no
intentionality... He loved the dog."

But there are serious allegations about Miller's behavior. In a Protection from
Abuse petition, Miller's wife claims he has threatened to slit her throat.

The prosecutor in the animal cruelty case says Inky was trained to remain
loyal and not resist his master even as Miller allegedly abused the dog.

Christopher Mullaney/Assistant District Attorney: "The dog
suffered broken eye socket... Lost about a pint of blood."
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My god, there are a lot of very sick people in this world. I hate to say it, but natural selection can be a good thing. These people who do these things to children and animals should not be allowed to continue as a member of society or to continue their sick gene pool. (Note - I am certainly not trying to say anything bad about the kids who were abused. They were completely innocent! I'm just saying that these sick people came from somewhere and whether that be nature or nurture the cycle needs to stop!)

Feel free to disagree as I know this is not popular opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I know mine is very strong.
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I have to I agree with you these people should not be allowed to remain part of this society and I don't think the laws regarding abuse are harsh enough especially for animal abuse. Something must go unbelievably wrong during the course of someone's life to have them commit such horrible acts!!! Mandy
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We just had a case over this past weekend in our local County where a father shook his darling 3 month old daughter to death. It is called shaken baby syndrome. It is hard to comprehend and even hearder to watch the old hard core investigators moved to tears.....

May God bless all these abused children and remember them in His new world...
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These stories remind me of a book I read. It is called A Boy Named It. It is a true story about a boy who was abused by his mother for
no aparent reason. She starved him, beat him, made him do bad things, and the weird thing is she had other children. She gave them love and treated them well. But this one boy, she abused. The father didn't do anything but go away. It is a sad story. When I read about these things, I jsut want to go home and hug my children.
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These people are just SICK!!!! I think they must be demon possesed!!! Seriously! What has to be in your head to commit such horrible crimes???????????????? You guys are right......this IS what the death penalty is for!!! Those POOR children!!!! What they must have gone through!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How sick can a person be to kill their own children? Those poor girls I cannot imagine what they must have been thinking in their last few minutes before being killed by a person they called "Dadyy." I hope he rots
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The really sickening thing is, these stories are becoming more and more common on the news today. Reading them makes me sooo mad, and left wondering how anyone can ever even think of harming their own child, or any child.
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Originally posted by nena10
These stories remind me of a book I read. It is called A Boy Named It. It is a true story about a boy who was abused by his mother for
no aparent reason. She starved him, beat him, made him do bad things, and the weird thing is she had other children. She gave them love and treated them well. But this one boy, she abused. The father didn't do anything but go away. It is a sad story. When I read about these things, I jsut want to go home and hug my children.
He's written 3 books altogether chronicling his life. He was interviewed by Oprah on her show last week or the week before. Truly an amazing survival story.
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An update on the case that started the thread...He was found guilty on all counts in a Texas court today.

Also, there is another case similar to Andrea Yates in the news. A woman in NY drown her 4 year old and tried to drown her 5 year old. She has plead not guilty by reason of insanity. (Big surprise.) Her 5 year old that survived told police that she tried to drown him before this incident. She says it was a "mercy killing."

One more to infuriate the masses...A woman was arrested in Denver yesterday for throwing her 7 year old autistic child out of the 3rd story window. The child survived and is in serious condition.

Can you even believe that this stuff is actually happening???
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The people who committed these horrible acts were probably abused themselves as children. If they would have had the right type of counseling and help when they were very young these horrible crimes might never have happened!!
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Re: the OP

It took the jury twenty minutes to find him guiilty of capital murder. The went in to deliberate when I got up to go to work, and as I was stepping out of the shower they announced a verdict!

They are still in the punishment phase, though, because in Texas the finding of guilt and the punishment parts of the trial are seperate.

His defense team put on no case - no opening arguments, no witnesses, no closing arguments. They say they are merely trying to save his life. In other words, there is no defense for murdering your own daughters, so the less he says the better.

They did not bring up insanity because he has no history of psychosis. It was expected that they would bring up the fact that he is bi-polar as mitigating circumstances in the punishment phase, (which, if the jury buys it, would be the difference between life in prison and death) but since the news was already over when I got home from work, I don't know if they have (or if the defense has even had their turn yet).
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