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Trying to help

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An ad was posted today on petfinder in ohio for a family who is looking for a home for a DLH white and black cat, 5 years old. Typical reason-MOVING TO A PLACE THAT DOESN'T ALLOW PETS. Most awful reason for getting rid of a pet. But anyway I feel bad for this poor cat so I thought I would check on here if anyone could help out? I am over my animal limit in my apartment otherwise I would take her in a second. She is very laid back and a lap cat and they are going to take her to the pound if no one wants her.

Send me a PM if by some chance anyone is interested. I know it is doubtful, many of us here have cats we found or took in or rescued who all need new homes, but worth a shot. I do not know this person at all and they don't even know I am helping out btw.
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Jen...you may also want to send them the link to my rehome page which has a really good PDF called "how to find homes for homeless pets".

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I can't do anything more but pray that those cats find homes soon - I surely hope that the prayers work! And bless you for caring & posting - may Miracles happen!!! Susan
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I saw a posting once from someone who was looking to rehome their 11-year-old cat who they'd had from 8 weeks old because they were thinking about moving to a no pets apartment.

I hope karma bites them in the butt when it comes time for their kids to pick a retirement home for them.
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