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Sneaky Pearl

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I frequently buy rawhide bones for the dogs and always give one to each of them. For a while, they will carry them around and/or chew on them.

Ike will steal Pearl's if she puts it down and will hang onto both of them. Pearl is the smarter dog, though: when she isn't chewing on her bone, she buries it and when Ike puts his down, Pearl steals it from him.

Poor Ike isn't smart enough to find the buried one and I'm certainly not going to poke around looking for it.
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Chester and Ruby do that. I give them each a chew. Ruby takes off with hers (she loves chewing things like nothing else) and Chester immediately drops his right where he's standing and goes to get hers. She's the dominant one between them - she'll give it up if she feels like playing, but if not Chester has to go get his own. Occasionally he'll be quick enough to snatch it from her, so she'll just get up and go and get his from where he left it. Then, of course, he wants THAT one, so she drops it in front of him and goes back to hers. It's a constant game between them.

If they're outside and they get a chew, Ruby will always have it hanging half out of her mouth, she'll run off with it, turn around to see if he's watching, play-bow to him, and then he'll bolt after her and the game is on. They LOVE it! And we love watching it, sweet puppies
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