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Rat babies!

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My rat had babies which are about 16 days old now. They are sooo cute. There are 12 of them. Such cute little fluffballs. They have all their fur and their eyes opened and the momma Gem is soo good. She is laying on top of them all right now nursing them. They don't all fit under her anymore, she is laying with her legs all spread out. Adorable!
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be sure to take some pictures of them. I love baby rats
what color are they? do you know if they're boys or girls?

by the way, be sure not to leave the mom in contact with an adult male... and separate the boys from mom and the girls at 5 weeks. Or else you'll end up with a lot more than 12 babies.
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I love ratties!!!

I have two girlies!!

I'd love to see some piccies of the the little fluff butts!!
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Rats are soooo awesome, I hope to start keeping some again once we move.

I used to breed pointed rexes.
Beautiful dark eyes, chocolate, seal and blue points with kinky, curly fur.
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I will try to get a picture up tomorrow. My digicam is not charged. There are 4 black and white and the rest are tan and white. Gem is in the one tank with the babies and Luigi (the father) is in a seperate smaller tank all by himself. The other 2 females, Gigi and Boo are in another tank. The mother will join them when she is done with the babies and the babies are going to new homes. I will keep a few. Either male or female.

(gotta be honest) I feel horrible, I was originally planning to raise my own snake food but I have too big a heart and I fell in love with these little guys, watching them grow up and everything. I don't know how anyone can raise rats or mice and then use them as snake food. I feel like a jerk. I don't even know if I want the snakes anymore hehe. No way could I ever do it. One of the babies is going to the little girl who just baby sat them for me while I was away in Arizona for the week. I don't know what I will do with the rest. Keep them if no one else wants them as pets.

Maybe I shouldn't have told you guys that, please don't think badly of me hehe snakes are living things and do have to eat too and mine are just little snakes. I couldn't imagine having huge ones that eat bigger furry animals. uuggghhh horrible thought.

Ok well I will get some pictures up tomorrow!
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I'm so glad you didn't make them snake food!! Please get frozen mice which are at least humanely killed with gas before frozen!

And how could you even THINK about killing cute little ratlets!!! They are just too cute for words!!

Good on you for not doing it!!
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I know I know I cant believe it even crossed my mind! I feel awful...
They are SO SO CUTE!! I love them!

Unfortunately my picky little snakes won't eat frozen food. I am actually thinking about finding them a new home. It is too hard and I feel like such a horrible person after feeding them. Plus it is expensive...and the poor little mice...

Even the frozen ones, I mean how awful! Someone obviously bred and raised them and then froze them! I don't know how anyone can do it! My boyfriend actually suggested it so I thought Iwould give it a try. But no way.

Sorry I mentioned it. I really do love my little ratties and their little babies!

No more snake food here. I quit.
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It's ok, I used to raise rats (not the fancy ones) for snake food as well, unfortunately my larger snakes had a taste for gerbil
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Oh man, I had a dyslexic moment and thought the title said Bat Rabies!!! Anyway, congrats on your new arrivals!
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Originally Posted by Jen
One of the babies is going to the little girl who just baby sat them for me while I was away in Arizona for the week. I don't know what I will do with the rest. Keep them if no one else wants them as pets.
I would adopt them out in pairs. Rats are extremely social and enjoy the company of their own kind.

Perhaps contact small animal rescues (let me know if you need helping finding one) to courtesy list them?

What size tank do you use (I am assuming glass aquariums)?

Looking forward to pictures! Rats are a ton of fun, I wish they didn't have such a bad rep
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ok here they are! apparently 6 boys and 6 girls. 4 black and white, 8 tan and white. 2 b&w are girls and 2 are boys. and 4 tan and white are girls and 4 are boys. exactly half and half in every way! The momma Gem is at the bottom.
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Awww....They are so sweet!!
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Eeeee-heeeee! They're so cute! Man would my cats go nuts if I tried to keep rats!
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Originally Posted by mom2cats
I would adopt them out in pairs. Rats are extremely social and enjoy the company of their own kind.
I agree. Rats do much better in pairs. And it's so cute to seem them sleep all snuggled up together.
Maybe keep at least one boy to keep the father company. Just be sure to go slowly with the introductions.
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They are very cute, and very intelligent from all accounts.

Never kept one myself, the cats aren't bothered by the guinea pig running around the house but i wouldn't like to risk a rat
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Cute, lovable babies.
We had a creamy coloured rat called Minty for a little under 3 years and she was the sweetest most lovable little creature. I had to keep the cats away from her cage thought.
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Oh, how cute are they!!!! Just adorable....Congrats!

*don't hate me...i have a snake
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Hey everyone, the babies are doing great. They are eating normal rat food. They are 3.5 weeks old. I read they can be seperated at 3-5 weeks and the mom started to seem really annoyed at them so I tried it out and they are doing great. She did a good job teaching them how to use the water bottle and eat rat seeds and pellets and food.

BUT I noticed little tiny red dots on them. I am assuming mites. They are a bit itchy. It is not bad, just a few of them. It was recommended to me to use mite and lice bird and cage spray. One spray on a cotton ball and wipe on the backs of their necks.

Any thoughts on whether or not this might be harmful? I don't know of any small animal vets around here. I asked at a well trusted pet store where the workers are studying to be vets. So I think they should know what they are talking about. Just looking for second opinions...if any.
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That is the little girl I am keeping.
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Will you be adopting/keeping them in pairs?

I have never had to deal with mites, but someone I knew had to and found this website to be helpful:
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two pairs are going to my neighbor and one to his daughter. I am trying to get the daughter to take 2 of them instead of just one. I have 2 other adult females that are mean so I will keep this girl and another girl, I just haven't picked another one yet. They wil be kept seperate from the mean ones obviously, I don't these babibes becoming mean too.
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The babies are cute Jen.....
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If they do have mites or lice, go to the vet and get them to put ivermectin on the back of their necks - This is basically the same stuff that comes in Frontline flea stuff for cats/dogs.

This will kill the mites and lice within a week.
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oh hey thanks, I saw your post on the rat site, I was like hey I recognize that name! thanks.
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Whats your user name on that site?
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it is endlessenigma, i rarely post on there, only registered in december.
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Ahhh....You should come on more!

Its a great rattie site!!

I currently divide my attention between here and there!
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Now that is just tooooo cute......... These are the first rat babies I have ever seen. I am so glad they are not going to be snake food.

Keep the rats........... They are adorable. Gems little hands are so cute and tiny. They actually have fingers.........aw
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Oh my gosh those babies are too cute! I just saw this thread and noticed that you are in Kent- did you find homes for all the babies? I've been wanting to get a pair of rats for a while, but didn't really want to get them from a pet store and haven't been able to find any in the area on petfinder- I'm from Medina (a little less than an hour from Kent) If you need homes I would love to have a pair!!! You can PM me if you read this....
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aww, what sweet babies!!!
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