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How would you write out your cat's meow?

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I know very few cats that actually say 'meow', so....

Poodle says: "mirrp?"

Flibbo says: "moouw."

Annabelle says: "merwooow!"
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I notice Simba and Star copy Missys meow which is sort of a,


and Ollies is more like meeurrow.
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Mushi doesnt meow...He squeaks. like "eh eh eh"

Kipper (who isnt mine anymore) Says.... "brrrr ddow"
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Ha nice thread!

Cairo, the crankiest kitty in the world (lol) goes `Aaaaoooowwwwwww', and if you don't jump to her whim straight away then it's the same, but shorter and sharper - `AHH!!'. (Put LOTS of force into that one..hehe).

Sunday chirps, so she says `Brrrrrrrrt?' and when she does meow it is so tiny and high-pitched its a little `Mew, mew'

Sashka varies, but mostly she isn't talkative at all. When she does say anything it's quite a low pitch `mrrrrrrrwwwwww' - don't seem to be any vowels in her vocabulary!!
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Spaz - Mee?

Shadow - a very whiney Meow, always sounds like he's complaining.

Vash -a pretty typical meow, often followed up with a "Brrrttt?"

Trouble -Sing-song melodic meows in a very complimentary musical voice.

Cassi -Squeaks, trills, mews, sings, chirps and thrums, all in a very, very tiny voice. She's earned herself the name Cassi Mew or Miss Mew.

Ivory - Because of her sinus issues has a very odd, barking sort of Mrewrph sound. She also does a very deep, throaty Brrrtttt when she has her mylar crinkly ball.
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Our friend Mary has a Burmese called Bernie. Bernie is a scream. She is SO cranky. Her meow is a grumpy `ARK'. She sounds like a crow!
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Portia definately has a Brrrrrt!

I'll have to listen more closely to the other sounds she makes!
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My cat has a specific meow for almost everything.

dinnertime: "wrehhh wrehhh" (while tail-twitching and running in circles)

bored, or greeting at door "meh-wrer?"

being pet or picked up when she doesn't want to be (protesting, but not fighting it): "mreww" (in a tiny, soft voice that trails off. )

jumping or other exertion: "brrt"

being bathed (she hates it, but loves the way she feels afterwards. gets extra-lovey after she realizes that her fur will dry): "wrooooooow"
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Oliver says "Mraaa!" or sometimes "Mrrp" with his mouth closed
Emma says "meee" or "mreah", but very very quietly and very infrequently

Oliver also makes a "landing noise" when he lands from a big jump, sort of like a "brrrp" or "brrrrt"
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Zakk- its Reow!

Rocky- meeeeeew

Suzie - muuuow

Cookie meow.
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hmmm...have a hard time figuring how to write it but i wrote it and sounds pretty accurate..

Hobbs: when he is about to be fed, he says "ma". I swear it cracks me up. It is a short purr meow, and people dont believe it til they actually hear it.

Other regular meows, he says "mew" like a kitten in this high kitteny voice...which is why I sometimes playfully then call him "sissy boy"...as in "whachu want sissy boy?" which makes him do it more

Blueberry has a short complaining ...mwah!..mwah!....but when she wants food or water...."mowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..."...its longggggg, like sometimes 3-4 seconds!!!
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Jack Daniels says: "Moouuuuw"

Mystik say: "Meh-ow"

Tracii Guns used to say: "Mew meeew"
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Both Molly and Megan have a sort of "Brrrrrrrooow" kind of purr-meow.
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teufel chips all day long he only meows to get my attention
he goes
rrrrr rrrr brrrrr brrrrrr

and kaylee says Mew Mahw!
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Sleeves has a very gentle Miaow like, 'Rrrrrooooooaaaaaw...'
Nismo is more like a screetch, like someone has her hanging by her neck or something 'kkkrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaCCCCCCCCHHHHHHGGGGGG' it frightens me sometimes. She's just a baby though and doesn't have a proper miaow yet.
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Max: "Wow!"

Fizzgig: "Prrt?"

Question: "Eee ee eew!"

Sasha: "Arr-w"

Blondie: "Rrrow"

Nefertiti: "AAAAAAAAAAoooooooow!"

Merlin: "OWWWW!!!"

Arthur: "Mew! Mew! Mew!"

Romeo: "Eh" (whispered)
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Originally Posted by lilleah
Mushi doesnt meow...He squeaks. like "eh eh eh"

lol..that sounds too cute
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Hahahaha Tosca never miaows.... she goes "mrrrra?!" or "mrrrrrrraa?pmrra.mrrrra?" or "mwaaooooowrrrr." I like the "ack-ackack-ack" she makes when she's spotted a bug though....
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Simon kinda goes "aaaack" like a strangled meow and Sapphire chirps like "rrrt? rrrt?"
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Ivo says "brrrrr-eep!" when she wants my attention.
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Cleo has sort of a merp sound when she purrs. And Zenon has more of a maaarowww to her purr. They both sound so sweet!
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Ari has this multi-syllabic "mow-ow-ow?".
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Sweetie's is a "mreeow" and sometimes, like when I wake her up by petting her but she's happy, a "mrr-mrmeow?"

And Preciou's meow is a "mrrrrrowww?!!"

What a neat idea for a thread by the way!
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a simple mrow.
He usually sounds like he's whining because he wants something.
The more he wants it, the higher pitched his voice gets.
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Interesting idea to write out our kitty sounds.
It is almost impossible but here is my attempt...

Sadie...my ii h
Dexter...mm aaaah oo
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Raphael: Mooooooooowwwwwww! OR MRRRooooooowwwww! Long, loud and forlorn, even if I just fed him 2 hours ago.

Leo: Mrrp! OR Maio! OR Mrrrrrooow! Leo tends to trill inquisitively.

Gracie: Mew! OR Mrp! Very short, soft, monosyllabic mews. She also sighs dramatically when you remove her from places she shouldn't be.
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Pretty Gracie is a drama queen.
Originally Posted by lionessrampant
Gracie: She also sighs dramatically when you remove her from places she shouldn't be.
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Originally Posted by xocats
Pretty Gracie is a drama queen.
Understatement of the year!
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Elsa says: mew? mew?

Nadette says: prrrrrt? prrrrrrrrrt? mmmmmrrrrrr.
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Pixel says 'murrow'..unless she's wanting me to throw a ball, then it's 'Wowwwww? 'Cable says 'mou' [1 syllable, kinda squeaky] & Java says 'mew' [1 syllable, higher pitched].
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