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glitter pom poms

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not sure where I would put this but has anyone had any problems with those metallic pom poms if you know what I mean

they look like this http://www.circlepet.com/images/C03.jpg
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The smaller ones are my Trent's absolute favorite toy in the world!

Here's the stash we found of them

Anyway, I haven't had any problems with these, but they aren't exactly the same as the ones you posted. I have gotten those bigger ones with the long strands, but my two weren't really interested (I don't think they roll as well as the smaller ones). I don't buy the ones marketed for cats, I buy the bags in the craft department that are, I think, 12 balls for $2. I get the ones that are at least 1" diameter, not the multi-pack with various sizes.
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My two would have a field day with all of those Heidi!!
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I haven't heard of anything bad either, and my cats love them! But, I guess I would suggest using ones with shorter "hair". so they can't chew it and swallow it. I would think it would kind of be like tinsel...
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Mine LOVE those pom poms! EMB_78 sent me some for christmas and my cats think they are the greatest invention since catnip mice.
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I've seen really cheap versions of the big ones that just fall apart, but just like Valanhb I buy the ones from the craft department. By the way if I could reach all the balls under my fridge my cats collection would be almost the same size, but we don't spoil our kitties do we? NEVER
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JUst be careful. I bought a pack of assorted cat toys and one of those came in it and I gently pulled some strands to test and they came out SUPER easy. The craft ones are probably more sturdy.
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I have 5 of them around here somewhere I'll find them when I move, I guess. One of my girls just luvs to carry it around in her mouth while trying to meow at the same time. Quite funny - keeps her occupied
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My girls LOVE these. I used to by the smaller ones in the petstore and I have noticed they don't carry them anymore. I wondered if there was an issue with them too? I haven't had any problem except they tend to shrink up over time. When they get really little I toss them out just in case.
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If it is made from the same tinsil stuff you put on Christmas trees (the "icycles") then NO way would I get them for a toy for the cat. If they eat the tinsil, it could wrap around their tongue/intestines like the stuff on the trees.

Just cause it looks like a safe cat toy, doesn't mean it is! There are cat toys with cute little button/bows on them that a cat could swallow. There are cat toys and there are SAFE cat toys.

I would not consider those pom poms a SAFE cat toy
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