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I am tickled pink!

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My sweet little Pearl has always been very shy, and never one to be picked up or held. I was sitting here at the computer, and felt two little paws on my chair. There was Pearl looking up at me. I asked if she wanted to come up, which usually makes her run away, and she meowed at me. I picked her up and held her for a few minutes, then put her down. She has been back 2 more times wanting to be held. I am so happy! I hope this is the beginning of her being a lap kitty.

Happy Dance! I have been waiting 6 years for her to come to sit in my lap on her own!
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Pearl!!

I know the feeling. I'd been waiting almost 5 years for my Sweetie to come up on my lap on her own, and just about a month ago she actually did! I was soooo happy!

I hope it is the beginning of a lap kitty!! Sounds to me like it is, too.
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- there is something magnetic between a cat and someone at the computer. She just couldn't resist it any more.
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Yay for Pearl!!! And hooray for you!!! What a very special day for both of you!
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Way to go Pearl!!
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That's so nice! Hopefully it happens more often.
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Woohoo Pearl thats heart melting!
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How sweet! And the best part is, she did it all on her own! You didn't have to go pick her up or call her or anything! YAYYY
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I know the feeling. It took a year to be able to pick Emma up without WW3 breaking out. Now, she actually ASKS for cuddles!
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Aaaaaw that's so sweet!! What a big breakthrough!
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