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Black cat pictures

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I'm new here, but I've noticed quite many of us have a black cat. How about sharing a pic or two? Here's few of our Casper.

Casper being handsome

Guarding my slipper

Being a vampire
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here comes my cutie Sydney !!!
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and another one ; of a proud owner of catfood !!!!
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a last one : Sydney the greatest I
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My little Midnight has gone to Rainbow Bridge, but I would still like to share just one picture of her here. I hope no one minds.
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Why would we mind? She was gorgeous! Think I'm biased?
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My little panther-boy.
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Have you thought about sending the third photo to the Vampire Cats Club website? http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/realv...g/index36.html
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All the pics are great, but I just love the Casper vampire pic! He too cute. He looks like quite a ham!

from " a cat's little instruction book"

Look in to people, as well as at them

When depressed or confused, try lying on your back with your legs in the air; sometimes the world just looks better upside down
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Here is my Sunshine, a very black kitty!!

Now I know sometimes the red X appears, so here is the link too.

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I really like the second picture of Casper, Midnight always used to give me that very same look.

One more picture of her.
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I clicked on the link and I got a message that said I was forbidden to look at the photos.
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Ooooooooops, what did I do?? Hold on let me try again. Sorry.
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Lets try this one...hopefully it works.

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It works!
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All the kitties are adorable! I like the vampire kitty.
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I have no idea what I did wrong the first time. Glad it works. Here are a couple of more that are cute of her.


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Oooooo all the lickle black babies!!! Gorgeous!!! I'll have to post some of Bod and Monty tomorrow!!! (I have to get them from home...)
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I don't have any pictures I can post (no scanner, no e-camera), but I think the black cats are so beautiful!

That's how Blackie got his nickname Boo. I used to call him my beautiful boy in baby talk, which sounded like "boo-foo boy" so it goe shortened to "boo".
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Heres my handsome boy, Onyx
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Awwwww, Melissa he is soooo cute!!
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Thanks He loves to ham it up for the camera too, as you can see :laughing2
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I'm going to try to put up links to my Trent's pictures. We'll see if this works....

Baby Trent with his little tongue sticking out is here.

Trent in his hiding hole is here.

Naughty Trent on the bathroom counter is here.
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Goodness, we all have such beautiful black kitties! I love them all!
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Heidi - I can't see Trent's pics - says forbidden when I try to access them. pout!
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I'm still figuring out this whole ofoto thing. I think they should work with the links here!

Baby Trent with his little tongue sticking out is here.

Trent in his hiding hole is here.

Naughty Trent on the bathroom counter is here.
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Great pics! I love baby Trent - he is gorgeous!
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These black cats are beautiful!!! I have 2 black cats....Sheba & Sebastion. Unfortunately, the pic I have downloaded on my computer is too large to post here, and I am bad at resizing and posting.
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Please don't do this to me. This is the first time in years that I haven't had a black cat! Well, let me just tell you a bit. Old Blackie saved us from a house fire, Blackie lived 16 years and was my special baby, Pixie was the loudest purrer who ever purred, and Nibs was a little character who sounded like a Siamese, (she's the reason I now have Siamese cats; I missed the conversation!) and if I had a scanner you'd see four of the best cats who ever lived!
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Debby, if you want to email me the pic I can resize and post it for you Let me know and I'll PM you my email addy
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