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doe you think he's going to be good?

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Does anyone think that my baby Sundance is going to do good in his first show in April?

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Everyone thinks their cat/kitten will do well or be good, but there is NO guarentee of showing any cat

The best you can do is to have had many people handle them and socialize them. But still, a cat that is not used to being in a show or around other cats can be unpredictible. In my experience, the males seem to be more mellow and easy going and take to shows better then females.

Hope things go well. I never go to a show expecting my cats to win (when showing a new cat). That way if they do win, you are pleasantly surprised and not disappointed if they don't do well.

Also you want your cat groomed THE BEST - clean coat, no tangles and eyes/ears cleaned and nails trimmed. Cat showing is top quality and if your cat is just so-so or not groomed well you won't win a thing!
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I show my Sphynx in CFA, but I do not know anything about Ragdolls. Here is the link for the Breed Standard for Ragdolls http://www.cfainc.org/breeds/standards/ragdoll.html

He sure is cute!
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we would show him in the CFA shows as they are cheaper but I believe you can only have bicolor ragdolls in the shows because the birman people complained that ragdolls look to similar to birmans and the only difference in the colors is the bicolors
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Sundance is beautiful!! I hope he does wonderfully at his first show in April.
CFA will be changing the colorpoint and mitted Ragdolls to show AOV status on May 1,2006. I *believe* that AOV stands for "Any Other Variant". If more colorpoints and mitteds begin showing under this new class, then we can prove that our mitteds and colorpoints deserve to be there too, and that Ragdolls are much different than the Birmans. I haven't shown yet in CFA, but was happy to hear of the change, and I am hoping to get to my first CFA show this year. I have shown TICA before, you will have a lot of fun, the people are really friendly and very helpful.
Ragdoll International has a lot of information on show bathing, and things that are helpful to bring.
For information on this change in CFA you can look at http://www.cfa.org/org/minutes/Feb05-minutes.pdf ( page 111 of 214)
Good luck!!
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I am excited that CFA is now excepting ragdolls but you can't champion them so I don't think that I will register him in CFA and I think that I will show my baby in TICA only.
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