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How will I know when my cat is ready?

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My cat Lucy is due her 1st litter any day now. What should I be looking for in terms of her behaviour? She's been eating fine, sleeping fine, and going to the toilet fine. What changes will she be showing when she going to go into Labour? I have 4 children myself, but can't compare me to my cat, so any advice would be great. I need to know if she will act differently before she goes into Labour, so I can make sure Im home all day for her (I am in all day, most days, but do need to do my shopping from time to time!) I wouldnt say shes 'neseting' I have made up several beds for her to choose from, in most corners of the house! SHe's being fed kitten food, and cat milk, so Im fully prepared.

Any help would be great.

Attached is a pic of my gorgeous girl, taken yesterday.

Thanks for your help

Neesey xx
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This link should be helpful:

Also, if you do a search of the forums for "pregnant", you will see a number of discussions that should help you out.

I hope that pretty little Lucy is doing well .
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A really good way to tell is to take her temperature with a rectal thermometer. When it drops a degree she will probably have the kittens within 24 hours. Of course, timing is important-63-65 days. My Siamese wants me with her constantly when she is ready. However some cats will want privacy. I would watch for both. She will want a cozy, private place which is relatively dark. My Precious insisted on my closet, no matter how nice the box was that I prepared! You may notice a mucous plug or a bit of spotting when she's really ready.
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Ive made several places available for Lucy, Im not sure which is her fave spot yet! Shes keen to go under my children's beds, but I cant have her having them there. She has 5 available places, but I just know she will have them on my bed! Im not keen on doing a rectal temp, as I fear hurting her, and I dont feel I am qualified enough! If she's not delivered by the weekend, I will take her to the Vet.

Her due date is today, she was mated over 3 days, the last day being 9 weeks ago tomorrow (Thurs) so I guess its a matter of time. She got out into the garden this morning, when I was saying bye to my Hubby as he went to work, and managed to squeeze herself through a tight corner, this worries me a little when she does this. SHe's back inside now, and sleeping upstairs.

I cant wait any longer, this suspense is killing me!
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