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Originally Posted by Belissima
I use Coshida brand Arena para Gatos, very absorbent clay granules, Bella loves it.

And just to remind you folks we don´t all live in the US. There is life and proprietary brands in other places.
People will respond with what they know. As the majority of the posters here are in the US, the products they know will likely be American.
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Originally Posted by Belissima
And just to remind you folks we don´t all live in the US. There is life and proprietary brands in other places.
I believe the original poster of this thread was posting from within the US (Philadelphia), so responses to the original request for a good non-dusty litter would naturally be suggestions for litters that are likely to be available where the original poster lives.

I'm sure you could start a thread for opinions about litters in your area, or worldwide, and you'd get all sorts of great feedback.
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I posted a few entries back about the tidy cats crystals, but I found something else last week that works great too. It's called Feline Fresh and it's made of pine. You can get it in either the pellets - like feline pine - or in a shaved type consistancy that is scoopable. I had tried feline pine in the past, which my cats didn't like, so I tried the scoopable formula of this kind and they love it. I think it's probably easier on their paws than the crystals were, though they did use the crystals without fuss. Anyway, you can read about the different types of litter from this company here - http://www.planetwiseproducts.com/
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Originally Posted by reddicequeen
where do they sell the exquisite pine? thanks
You can get it at Petsmart. Exquisite is a Petsmart brand.
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I love Feline Pine! Well not so much me, as my kitties do, lol
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I've been noticing recently that the litter I use might be a little dusty...

I use the standard Fresh Step scoopable, and it SAYS 99.9% dust-free, but when I pour it it doesn't seem very dust-free at all. I like it other than that though, and so does Zissou, and she is so unpicky about her box with it that I don't want to change anything...

If that stuff isn't dust, what the heck is it?
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Tidy Cats crystals blend seems to come in TWO formats! ONe is identical to fresh step, has small particles and IS dusty. The OTHER is bigger particles and not dusty. UNFORTUNATELY guess which one MY kids prefer?!

When I buy it I unscrew the lid and make sure I get the one with the larger granuals and THEN get ONE with smaller and pour IT over the other. THAT way my kids think they are using IT and not the better one.

Chicken Layer crumbles are supposed to be the best. You have to make sure they are not medicated though. They are like WBC only a LOT cheaper and do scoop.

ONCE I get my 4 onto the good Tidy cat I want to switch to the chicken layer crumbles!
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I'm using Feline Pine now as well and I really like it. The only negative side is that our kitten tries to get my attention by playing with the pellets, but other than that, it's been pretty good.

Since our new kitten came into the house, last November, we've used:

Tidy Cats -- Pretty standard stuff, but not very flushable and the clumping litters always worry me with young cats. Plenty of tracking and it would definitely smell after awhile.

Yesterday's News -- I liked the concept, but the kitten would play with it more than anything, and I didn't like the thought of her eating old newspapers if she had the inclination or felt playful.

The World's Best Cat Litter (corn) -- Clumped hard. I like that it was flushable and natural (non-toxic if she ate it), but she got it everywhere. I initially THOUGHT I liked it. Had to vaccuum almost every day because of tracking...half of the litter was in our vacuum before long. The smell was moderate -- bad if you let it go a few days with 3 cats and 2 boxes.

A bunch of wheat-based litters -- Similar to The World's Best Cat Litter. Some wheat litters are better than others. I also liked the fact that these were natural, but some of them didn't clump very hard and urine became like soggy cereal. Trying to clean it was like smearing mud.

Granular Pine litter -- Before getting Feline Pine, we tried a granular pine litter (small grains instead of large pellets, can't remember the brand name). This turned into sawdust pretty quick and got tracked everywhere within a few days. The smell out of the box was nice, but it reminded me of something you'd use for ferrets -- not cats.

Feline Pine -- The difference between Feline Pine and the granular pine litter is that the litter comes in much bigger pellets. Therefore, the sawdust falls THROUGH the big pieces to the bottom of the pan (shaking helps). The cats then stand on top of the pellets, rather than on the sawdust. This makes a BIG difference in tracking. We have a litter mat and there's virtually no dust. Unlike clumping litters, poop often sits on top of the litter, so you want to clean the poop each day. I haven't noticed any urine smell after using it with (3) cats and two boxes. It's awkward to scoop because of the size of the pellets, but it doesn't take much effort to separate the pellets from the poop.

Our cats adjust pretty quick to new litter, but I realize that changing litters doesn't work for all cats. Feline Pine wins our award....

---- Very little tracking
---- Little or no smell
---- Flushable
---- Not particularly expensive
---- Natural
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