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Urine Tract Infection

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I could give you guys a long story about this (which I probably will later if anyone wants it, but I recently saw my cat not being able to pee, I brought him in, his bladder was only 1/3 full, but he had just blocked that morning (Wednesday). They sedated him, put a catheder in overnight, took it out in the morning, it re-blocked, they tried it again, it stayed open. He's not been home about 36 hours, and due to the urine tract infection, he feels the constant need to urinate...on anything and everything. Usually he just squats and nothing, or just a couple drops comes out, but I still don't want him to get any areas smelling like urine at all, so I have him in my bathroom with nothing but tile floor, his litter box, 2 (prescription) food bowls, and 2 water bowls (I have 2 of each to try and get him to eat and drink more.)

The prescription food is to dissolve the current "crystals" which block his tract, and I also am giving him anti-biotic pills which are for the infection and inflamed tract I would assume. I called the vet soon after I brought him about Friday evening, and he said the constant attempts to urinate are normal. He had peed a pretty good amount like 2-3 times a day...not normal big amounts, but if you put all the pee he drips out each day, it'd equal at least a day's worth of normal urination I'd say.

My question for this forum is this though:

[b]Has anyone else brought home a male cat after having his urine tract unblocked, and did he have these symptoms (constant attempts to urinate due to the urine tract infection making him feel like he always needs to), and how long did this effects stay after being on anti-biotics, etc.

I'm concerned he'll block up again, and I'm also concerned this will keep going on for days and days and days, but I hope not...I'd like to let him out of the bathroom, and I'd also like things to return to normal. Thanks for any help.

Also, if anyone wants to see him, his name is Oreo, and he's the bigger one.

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I have moved this to the Health & Nutrition section for you.
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Because it is so easy for a male cat to block again, especially if there are crystal or stones in the bladder, I would watch him very carefully. I know that my boyfriend's cat continued to squat a little for a day or two, but I believe he was able to produce urine. If your kitty stops urinating normally, please return to the vet (or at least call the emergency vet) as he could be blocking again.
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I have found that the antihbiotics usually make a difference in two or three days. If there seems no change by then you may need a different antibiotic. This is such a common problem, especially in male cats. Good luck, he must be feeling miserable.
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He is still continually squatting and urinting only a tiny amount sometimes, but he is urinating an ok amount total each day, just in tiny little bits. I'm going to call the vet today to make sure this isn't a problem yet.
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Also, he does seem a lot more alert now though, and possibly less tender down there.
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When Eddie blocked and we brought him home after the vet and cath, he did this for about 4 days before he was better, also his vet gave him pain meds and I think that helped. I have kept him on the good food and lots of water and he has not blocked again in over a year and a half (knock on wood). Hope Oreo is feeling better soon.
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Originally Posted by Eddie's Mom
When Eddie blocked and we brought him home after the vet and cath, he did this for about 4 days before he was better, also his vet gave him pain meds and I think that helped. I have kept him on the good food and lots of water and he has not blocked again in over a year and a half (knock on wood). Hope Oreo is feeling better soon.
Thanks for the info. Today is the 4th day, and before I left for work (I work overnights) I had him out for about a half hour and he was very much like his normal self, and no attempts to pee on anything.. I got home close to 3 hours ago and let him out right away, and not once as he tried to pee on anything outside the litterbox. He has gone in the litterbox three times since I got home, and just urinated a little each time. He is completely like his old self right now, except that he hasn't peed a normal amount at one time yet. While I was at work he did go a lot, but it's all in small spurts. How long was it until Eddie was peeing in normal, every now and then amounts? Oreo seems like he's getting there, as he's gone hours now without trying to go. Very happy with the way this is going right now.
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it took almost a full 10 days before Eddie was completely normal. He also would go little bits here and there but once he stopped peeing outside the box, his recovery was slow but sure.....Like I said he completely recovered and has not blocked since. The good food and lots of water are the key I am told. I have about 4 water dishes for him throughout the house. He is strange and will not drink water that is near his food................Hope Oreo continues to recover.
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Glad to read that Oreo is improving! Fortunately, I haven't had to have my cats catheterized, but I've had to have that done due to kidney problems; after it's done, the urethra can get irritated & swollen and that gives the urge to go and also limits the amount that squeezes out. I use herbs for myself (couldn't begin to recommend how to use them for a cat, except maybe weak tea, and I would advise consulting a holistic healer first) and found that marshmallow root (from the mallow plant, not the fluffy, sugary snacks) soothes the mucous membranes & really helps my urethra feel better & let the flow out. {{{Prayers & vibes}}} for Oreo's continued healing!
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Thanks for the replies. Fortunately, on Tuesday morning Oreo stopped trying to pee anywhere but the box, and since then (for about 50 hours now) has been free to roam the house/basement and has not peed anywhere else. He continues to pee little amounts every couple/few hours, and I've noticed the small amounts do get a bit larger it seems. It's hard to tell exactly, since I have 2 cats, but I can tell Oreo's pee from Kitten's since there's a lot of smaller chunks and stuff, so that's good.

Hopefully within a few days he starts peeing like normal, since that'll mean it doesn't hurt anymore. He's got like 7 more antibiotic pills to take (I got 14 total, they gave him 2 at the vet, and he gets one a day) so hopefully he's fine by the time those run out. Right now though, I'm not too worried about him reblocking, as he seems very happy, and never in his life have I seen his fur so clean and soft.

On Tuesday my Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain should be arriving (which is also my 19th birthday!) so that should help them drink more water.
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