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I Love These Things!!!

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Dude these are awesome!!! :blubturq: :afrorainb :jarswim:

ok evidentally I am a dork!

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back at ya......
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:tounge2: :blossom: :girlie: :icecream: :jarswim: :pinky: :flash: :blubturq: :rainbow: :baloon: :lips: :daisy: :angel4: :flower: These are AWESOME!!!
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My faves~


I'm so easily amused.....
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I, too, am easily amused Here are my faves:

:rainbow: :tounge2: :disturbed :confused3
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Ok, here are my faves: I tend to overuse them I guess.

:flower: :flash: :LOL:
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Nothing wrong with dorkness....

The really kewl part is that you can find other on the net and use those as well...

I don't use them much as they tend to confuse me...

I like these little dot thingies though.............. (see)

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Oh yes..Crack's Smilies is a great place to get others

Crack's Smilies link

Heres a few examples:

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Ken, I also love dots.....and dashes also---My excuse to the English professor was Emily Dickenson. She used dashes all the time. However, now that I am here I am very fond of :laughing2
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How do you use the ones from other sites??? I've tried figuring this out and I can't! I wish i knew how to make the smileys - there's a lot out there that we don't have - like a pouty one, an OMG! one, etc.

These are my fav's :disturbed :vampireL: :bat

I love the little music guy - he looks like he has different colored mohawks!
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I was wondering how you use the smilies from other sites as well...and also, can I use them in my e-mails somehow??? I am so computer ignorant.
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Well, with Crack's Smilies all you do is click on the smilie and it copies the URL for it(you can see it in the upper window), then you just have to right click in your TCS reply window and hit 'paste' -it will create a hyperlink. C'mon give it a try
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I have to admit that I love the chicken!
:chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:
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man, i think these things will be addicting. i love them. thanks melissa!!!!!!cool!
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my fav's:
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I liked this one.....very patriotic, huh??

Also, loved these..what a cute website Mel! Thanks.

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These cracked me up!

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My video card is messed up, and I have very little memory, so I was really pleased with myself when I followed the instructions for the recommended site. Then I hurried to post "It worked!"; all the instructions were there, just as they are when I use ours. Well I posted it, and deleted it immediately. My post looked like this:
It worked!
smiley cat
funny face
etc. the whole way down the page! I want my mother! Or some help!
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