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Kitten with FHV

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ive just adopted a 4 month old kitten with FHV. she has a cloudy eye from an ulcer which shes being treated for and i was wondering if anyone's experienced this with their cat, and if so, does the cloudiness ever go away back to normal?
also, i dont know much about the available treatments for FHV or URI so does anyone know of any homeopathic remedies to use to treat the FHV as well as her upper respratory infection (sneezing). shes on antibiotics now and a few other medications but id rather get her off of those and use something alittle more natural.
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L Lysine suppliment to her food is a standard treatment - not homeopathic, just effective, and it interferes with FHV replication although it may take a month+ to start being effective and needs to be added to her diet for the rest of her life. There is no downside that I'm aware of to doing this. Check with your vet about dosages. You can buy it at health stores or vitamin shops.
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I have a question about L lysine. I have a little abby cat that always has the sneezes and has been to the vet since he was a kitten for this. The vet seems to think its allergies and we are giving him antihistamines under vet supervision. I wonder sometimes because Frankie gets so bad sometimes he blows green snots. The vet gives him antibiotics for it. This can't be good for a prolonged use on a cat. I would like to take the natural way to over come his problem. Frankie is a little cat, but is chubby and healthy otherwise!! He just has a awful time with his sinuses. My question is how much L-lysine can you safely give to a cat. I live in a rural area so I probably would have to get the L-lysine from the health store.

Frankie has had this sinus problem since before we got him as a kitten.
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i just got my kitten and when i took her to the vet she was sneezing and had mucus coming from her eyes and nose. he said she has herpes so he gave us the lysine to treat it. i have it in paste form which i give her 1mL twice a day. i was also told that i could give it to her in pill for (crush it up and put it in her food) 250mg i think equals 1mL.... i cant remember. but i learned that once she gets an ok from the vet that she feels better i can use some cyruta (vitamin c) to treat her sneezing (along with lysine for her herpes) instead of antibiotics every month. you should ask your vet if it could be a URI.
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The vet has been treating Frankie for this for 9 months, and he doesn't have a fever, and is really healthy other than this sneezing and breathing. His eye waters. It is frustrating. The vet thinks its allergies. After reading these posts, I have spoke to him again, and he said yes it could be the herpes virus. I do notice that Frankie loves to dig a big hole in his litter box and then really routes around to bury his stuff. It dawned on me maybe the scented litter is giving him allergies. I am going to give the vet a call and speak to him again.

Frankie came to us with this problem so I am almost positive it could be the herpes virus. None of my other cats are affected by him, and they are not getting ill. I feel so bad for him when he gets so stuffy.

L-lysine sounds like a good thing to try for him..
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Some years ago I took in a litter of four, one of whom had herpes infection in his eyes. We had to treat him with both cream & drops 6 times a day for 3-4 days.
Naturally, his litter-mates picked it up from him, so my vet talked me into keeping them all, so I could take good care of them.
A few years later, it mutated into mouth infections, so they each had to have several teeth extracted. (They had no complaints or symptoms - vet determined this.)
However, they have all been radiantly healthy indoor cats otherwise, good coats, playful & affectionate
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