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problems pooping (hair in poop and pooping outside the box)

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I did some searches and I couldn't find any answers. My vet also was less than helpfull with this one. I think I'll have to take her back in if you guys can't help me. I thought I'd ask first though to see if anyone has any ideas. Save me the stressful trip to the vet's.

My cat is a 10 year old female Siamese. She has been pooping at random out of the box for a while now. I don't think it's a behavior thing because it's not a whole poop, just like a small little one here and there. She doesn't do it very often. I've found her doing it and it seems like she doesn't even realize it. I found her one day walking around with a poop half way in and half way out like it was stuck.

I've also notice that there is a lot of hair in her poop, and tonight I found she had (sorry this is gross) a poop hanging at the end of one of MY hairs which was still in her bum. Poor girl.

She is getting 1 can of nutro/day (at two feedings) and 1/4cup of nutro dry a day (the "light" kind). So she gets half wet and half dry. I just switched her over to the nutro dry from the fancy feast. She likes it much better. I also give her a capsule of fishy oil at night.

She seems healthy otherwise although he coat is not that good (hence the fish oil). The oil made it softer but her coat still looks not so great. I have had her stool checked and they found no worms or eggs in it.

They couldn't explain her coat except maybe she's not grooming herself well enough. Altough the hair in her stool seems to speak differently.

Any suggestions? Even just asking me questions for further details will at least help me think of what kind of information I should give the vet when I call them.

My poor kitty. Thanks for helping.
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Perhaps she's constipated?
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I would increase the amount of moist food in her diet and add hairball remedy as well. The extra moisture will help with the hard, dry stool and the hairball remedy will help to lubricate her system to eliminate the fur. Springtime is especially bad for cats as it is the normal shed season and cats prone to hairballs have a very difficult time.

Another thing is to make sure she stays very well hydrated. I had a cat (also Siamese) once who absolutely refused to drink water unless it was out of my drinking glass - I bought a water fountain for her and never had a problem again. She loved it and drank her fill, staying good and hydrated.

Talk to your vet about adding the extra canned food and hairball remedy. He may have other suggestions as well.
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