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I wasn't really sure what forum was appropriate for this question, feel free to move it.

I started reading this article out of curiousity. http://www.fanciers.com/other-faqs/color-genetics.html

From reading it, I'm under the impression that "red dilute" refers to a very light orange tabby. The article itself describes the color as almost yellow.

So, my cat I think is a red, but his color isn't bright. It's not really orange or yellow, it just has a red cast. It's really like a reddish carmel color. My parents were going to call him Praline for the color. So, is that actually a red color, or is it actually a dilute cinnamon?

Along the same lines, my grandma had a cat who would have been best describes as pink. It was much more orange toned, so he had to be in that red category. But it wasn't yellow, he was just kinda faded and washed out to the point where he was practically pink. He was named Peaches accordingly.

So, do these colors count as dilute red, or are they something else?
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There are different shades of red. Cream would be the pale orange or yellowishe color - kinda like a light butter yellow.

There is also an "apricot" color - nothing like cream or red. I saw it on a type of cat called Spotted Mist (from Australia).

You can also have a different shade if its smoke mixed in. I call that color a "butterscotch", but in the cat fancy its called "cameo". Some friends of mine have some cameo main coons which are breathtaking (in color/type).
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Cool, thanks. I re-read the smoke section, and you're right, that appears to describe him better. He's got a creamy undercoat (well, under the orange part). And his stripes are only visible on his tail. Butterscotch actually describes the color exactly.

Apricot describes my grandma's cat. He's has a "soft" look to him to, but I can see his stripes. Maybe he's got a little shading too. It must not be much, because his stripes are visible, but Puppy's aren't visible at all except the tail.

Too bad he's got so much white. Those maine coons must be gorgeous with that color all over!
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I think the cameo (red smoke) is one of the prettiest colors. And those maine coons did look like butterscotch color was poured over them
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