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Feeling blue

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I'm feeling a bit down today... Sort of hating life for one reason or another. Does anyone have any adorable pictures they would like to post? I'm sure there are many, just looking at some of the signatures!
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Do these help you feel any more happy?
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I think I always have pics! I'm not sure if any of these are new or not but I'm at DH's comp so I can't upload any others right now...of course if I'd just get up and walk down the hall I could...but it's cold in there! So here are a few of my Mooch and Noodles!

This is Clara, my furniece!

This whas what I found when leaving for work one morning. This kitty was tamed by a neighbor and now has a good furever home!
This is one of Glory and Tiger, both RB babies.
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Ok here are a few more just because I like these pics!

This is Olivia, who lives at my parents.
Baby Noodles!!!
Another Baby Picture!
Baby Moochie!
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Thanks! I feel much better. Thank Poodle, Flibbo, Annabelle, Mooch and Noodles for me!
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Carly and Much send cuddles (they're good at that).

Here's one of Lucy sleeping that always helps me smile.

And Lucy helping her daddy wash windows (and she helped on every single one.)

And helping wrap christmas gifts

And my favorite: Lucy helping with the dusting.

Hoped these helped. I know I hate it when I'm in a funk.
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Awww. How adorable. Thanks! My kitties do that with the wrapping paper too. There always ends up to be a lot of fur stuck on the tape.
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Originally Posted by Cassie-ondra
Awww. How adorable. Thanks! My kitties do that with the wrapping paper too. There always ends up to be a lot of fur stuck on the tape.
In my house, a gift is not properly wrapped unless there is a cat hair stuck underneath the scotch tape.
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Well we can't have anyone feeling blue on this forum, so here you go!.

Smile for the camera!!

Ever the lady Sophie!

Sophie asleep standing up

And Rosie's famous " passing gas " pose

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nap time

spot the cat

hope you feel better
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I'm sorry that you are feeling blue today here are some big **HUGS** and a pic or two that will hopefully make you smile!
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I hope you feeling better!

Mazee giving Chanzee a massage.

Dazee and Grazee in fishtank hijinks.
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Awww... Hope you feel better soon! Here are some pix just for you. They're kinda old though, but they're cute all the same heheh...

Hey friend, why are you feeling down? I can cheer you up!

You can play with toys...

Or get a bellyrub... ooo those are gooooooood....

Or you can play a game of cat & mouse!

Bury yourself in work and get your mind off your worries?

Or you could always take a nap

Hope you feel better soon!
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Maybe Lu can cheer you up?

And Sassy and Stinky, of course!

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Some Ikle Incy Wincy babies..... Tommy is the little Ginger one, they were 3 weeks old and I raised them with a bottle

Tommy a little bit bigger

Tommy helping raise the new litter of orphans

Tommy & Charlie best buddies

Hope my boys make you feel better
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Here are some more kitties who want to help cheer you up.

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some of those really made me laugh!
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