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I am never, ever going to drive again!

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I have been involoved in one accident every day this week! Only one of them was my doing. All of the other times I was parked!

Sunday-car scraped me in gas station-no dadage
mon-car scraped me on campus while they were backing up-no damage
tue-president of the HS(she's was so upset) hit my car, getting paint from my car on hers-no damage to my car
wed-someone scratched the paint on my car while on campus, I don't know how
thur-a Vietnam veteran hit my parked car with me in it while he was trying to park-no damage to either of our cars, he was crying his eyes out, though
fri-someone put a chip in the wooden flatbed on dad's truck on campus-no need to fix it, dad'll do worse to it at somepoint or another
sat-I feel really bad about this-I was trying to back out of the HS parking lot for lunch, trying ot avoid one car when I hit another(of course, in the full size dually truck), I broke the mirror off this guys car(a longtime volunteer at the HS). We called the police to report it, etc. The cop told him he was parked too close to me. My lil sis couldn't get in her door, she had to crawl in through the drivers side door. It will probably cost about $200 to fix, he's took the mirror off his car before. The guy I hit was so awesome about it. He showed me the scratch on his mirror & told me he had been wanting to replace it & laughed. He was trying to make me feel better. It helped a little, but I should have been watching his car closer. At the end of day, he still wasn't mad at me. He was concerned about how I felt.

I think I am going to quit driving from now on. I'll walk the 25 miles to class three days a week. I do feel really stupid about the accident today.
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Oh gosh that all stinks!
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That is one tough car. After a week like that, I would definitely not want to be out driving. Please be careful!!!
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Thats definately not a good week for you!
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Yikes!!!!! Just think of getting a whole bunch of accidents out of the way at one time.
BTW what color are the vehicles-I thought a few years back when I had a darker tan color car that no one could see it!! That's what the other drivers claimed after they hit me....
Hey take tomorrow off from driving ok??
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The truck is pewter. The Grand Am(car) is blue-ish. I didn't drive at all on Sunday. I made it to & from class ino ne piece. I broke the van this morning, though. It's a 1991 full size van. I backed it out of the garage & left it running to warm up for mom. I had rolled the winodw down & she couldn't get it to roll up all of the way. We might have to get a new van now(we have actually been looking at them). I am going to call & get a quote on what it will cost to fix it, but I don't think mom & dad will even bother.
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LOL! Poor thing! Its not funny but you have luck like me! All of my accidents except one were in parking lots! Two of the three were in my work parking lot and one was witha coworker. The other was a guy from Somewhere up north. I want to say Minnesota but I can't remeber. Handsome and really sweet guy gave me a hug to say he was sorry. The two women that hit me were both rude about it!
WHy are guys so much nicer to me when we get into accidents than girls?
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Every single car I've owned (3) has been totaled, and yes there were all my fault I'm surprised cars don't run from me when I walk on the lot to buy a new one I'm crossing my fingers that I can at least pay off my current one before I send it to the junk yard
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wow... that's seriously unlucky! I'm so glad that for all those accidents, none of them were serious. And what a star that last guy was eh? It must be better to have hit a car of an owner like that, than someone who would get up and yell and get vicious. THink yourself lucky, my bestest friend in the whole world, whom i grew up with, and I love to death... has rolled two cars in spectacular style so far!
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I washed the car today. It was filthy from driving up & down a gravel road(we live on one). There are white paint stripes about a foot long on the very front of the driver's side back door. I don't know where they came from. I don't know who would have hit my car & gotten white paint on it. All I know is that mom & dad haven't noticed yet.
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