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Another question

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Maybe 10-15 mins ago, Storm started fallowing me around the house meowing. She stoped now, but shes laying infront of me on the computer desk(which isnt really out of the normal though). Shes only into her 58-59th day now, and I was just wondering, if she has them today or tomorrow, will it effect the kittens in anyway by her having them around 5 days early?
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Probably like people, there is a range. She will most likely have them once they are ready to be born. Just make sure you have some warm safe nests prepared for her.
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Kks and I alreading have some just worried about the kittens if there born to early
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A normal cat pregnancy is between 59 and 69 days so if they are born now, they will not be early, they will be full-term.
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Thats great to no! Thanks, every where Ive read it either says 63 to 65 or 65 to 69...*sigh* I worry about everything, and I think I'm driving my mom crazy by worrying so much. Thanks again
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It is very very rare for a queen to give birth prematurely. I would say that after the 60th day you are safe.
If you want to know when she is going to give birth take her temeprature rectally. 24 hours before she gives birth her temp. will drop to below 100 F.
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I'd take her temp, but I dont have a rectal termometer(or any really, other then the one for your ear) and my mom said that it would be evil to do to her or something .

Ok I have a nother question, and I'm just gonna post it here so that I dont take up more room on the boards. As of now shes 64 days pregnant. I no thats a normal amount of days for a pregnancy but theres just one thing thats worrying me. Other then that day when she followed me around meowing for 10-15mins, she hasnt been looking for a nest. My question is, is it only the day or two before shes ready to give birth that she starts looking for a nest? All shes been doing lately is eating and sleeping and sometimes playing with my other cat for 5-10 mins before passing out again. The kittens seem really active as well, they've been moving around in her stomach quite a bit.
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I've got to tell you - every cat does something different. My cat had kittens last April. She went 2 weeks longer than the vet thought, and she NEVER had any kind of behavior like nesting, etc. Just one night I woke up to squeaking kittens! I know how exciting it is - and it seems to take forever. Also I understand the babies move more and more as birth becomes closer. Do you know the exact date she mated? Or is it a guess?
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Its pretty exact...it was either the 28th of December or the 29th, I count it as the 28th cuz thats when she got out of the house. And its very exciting but I also worry about everything lol
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Sissy ignored all the nests I prepared for her. We woke up the morning of August 16th and she had already had them behind the entertainment center! This was her first (and only) litter and she did just fine on her own.
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