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Need advice about kitten with Heart Murmor & Sneezing problem!

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I just got back from taking my 5 month Bengal kitten Leo to the vet. He is very active, loving and in fantastic condition, except he has been sneezing a lot lately, and recently started having these strange sneezing/coughing attacks for about 30 seconds. I went to the vet for that problem, and came away without a solution, but with a heart murmor diagnosis!
The vet says that he should have all the X-Rays and EKG's and Ultrasounds etc. to determine the problem. Here are my problems:
  • He came with a health guarantee, so I figure I need to tell the breeder? What should I expect them to say/do? I refuse to return him for another cat...
  • Do I go for all the tests now, or wait it out? (The vet says he could outgrow it). Anyone with experience please reply!
  • I was going to enroll in pet insurance, but is the heart murmor diagnosis going to change his eligibility? Will it cover any of the treatments?
  • What about the sneezing?
I really appreciate any help/advice/previous experiences here. Thanks in advance!
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Please due tell the breeder a good one will want to know and I figure yours is a good one since the baby came with a health garentee...I dont know but I am sure some breeders will chime in

likely insurence will not cover the mermur in any way ...

I would get the test or test you can afford to do now that are not invasive
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Can't say anything about the heart, but did the vet think of asthma or allergies as a cause for hte sneezing/coughing? One of mine probably has asthma, with just those symptoms.
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Did they say what grade of heart murmur it was? I would also do the tests that you can afford to determine the cause.
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I can't give you any advice, but I wanted to wish you well with your cat.'
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Heart murmurs can have all kinds of causes--some never result in any problems at all. The EKG is the only way that I know of to rule out issues. I would think that talking to the breeder and to the pet insurance company is probably the only way to get answers to your questions. It is possible the insurance company may cover your kitty if the cause of the heart murmur (which is a sound that can be a symptom of many things) is something benign. Also, they may cover your kitty for everything except problems related to the murmur. You'll want to ask them what will and won't be covered before deciding if it's worth signing up with them. Putting money aside for emergencies on your own may be a better route.
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