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Here are Heidi's beauties (valanhb)

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Now I'm really getting jealous! Everyone has kittens but me! Where's a pouting emoticon when you need one?
The bicolor is marked just like my Poppy, only she's grey and white instead of the black and white.
Cute kitties!
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Let me guess, your babies as babies and your babies grown up?

They are too beautiful. Of course, I'm partial to black cats . . .
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Awwwww Heidi!!! They're BEAUTIFUL!!!
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Oh - they just took my breath away! What beautiful babes......
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All I can say is WOW!

From "a cat's little instruction book"

The 3 great lies of life are:
-The cheque is in the post.
-All I want is one kiss.
-It'll be all right, just get in the travelling basket.
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Heidi!!! They are so beautiful!! Ophelia is so pretty- Ilove the one of her looking out the window, she appears to be pondering soemthing And Trent, well hes as grogeous as his namesake Hes got that dark and mysterious look about him
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Cute kitties!
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Thanks everyone!! Extra special thanks to Hissy for posting these for me.

Sunlion - you are right, same cats as babies and all grown up. I just had to show them off as kittens, too. They were so adorable - not that I'm biased or anything!

It's so hard to get a good picture of Trent. He just blends into himself and all you get are those bright eyes. Ophelia is a total camera ham. She must have been a model in a past life! :laughing: She's always ready to strike a pose!

Melissa - you should see Trent playing! He throws himself around just like Trent Reznor does on stage. That's actually where we got the idea to name him!
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Beautiful kitties!!!
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Beautiful babies!!!
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great pictures, your cats are lovely!

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you are quite welcome Heidi. The pictures were large so they all wouldn't post in one area. Glad to do it for you friend! Would be happy to do if for anyone else as well, just email me the photos.
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Heidi!!! They are BOTH so beautiful!!!

Hissy, I have a whole roll of film ready to be developed of my cats, and since I have not even taken my scanner out of the box or tried to learn how to use it, yet, I may have to send them to you to post when they are developed. ( I will have them put on a disk so I can e-mail them to you)
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