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Scabby/bloody skin

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My cat has recently developed a skin problem. Between her front shoulder blades is a spot that has a scab and appears to have been bleeding. She is long-haired. I recently went on vacation, and did not notice it before I left, but I returned after 10 days (I had a friend stop by to check on her) and now I find the skin problem.

I am not aware of any fleas, although I had a stray cat in the house in September. I treated both cats for fleas with Frontline and then bombed my place a week later. Could fleas have been dormant for that long? I don't think it's possible that I did not notice her scab for that length of time. Also, I have not seen any fleas, but she has a long dark grey/black coat so I may not see them.

Any other suggestions on what the problem may be? Could it just have been stress because I was gone so long?

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you know, i noticed a scab on my kitten, between her shoulder blades too and i thought "oh know, something must be wrong" but then, when reading your post, i rememberd that i had her microchipped and that caused alittle bit of bleeding and they put it right between her shoulder blades. i feel kinda silly now.... so point being, maybe she got a shot or something that you just forogt about?
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No, she has not had any shots recently.
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I would have her checked out by a vet before it gets any worse, as there are many conditions that could be causing it.
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OK, will do. Thanks.
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