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hairball remedies

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So, I'm seeing two kinds of remedies: those that use "fiber", and those that use petroleum jelly. Which is better?

I think I'm going to get a seperate hairball thing for Puppy rather than buy him hairball food. He's DSH, but I have seen him attempt to cough up a hairball twice. I figure if I get the seperate remedy, I can just give him a tiny bit once a week so I don't overmedicate him.
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I'm no expert for sure, but I always had good results with Femalt (don't know if it is still around) for my Siamese a number of years ago. I don't give Bijou and Mika anything - they don't seem to have any problems with hairballs (at least not to this point).
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Oh, one other question. Is he less likely to hate malt flavor or seafood flavor?
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I use hairball food with a touch of oil in the wet from time to time... but no hairballs since the switch to hairball food.... mine didnt like any flavor of the jelly stuff ...
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If he is coughing, the problem is probably not hairballs at all. "Coughing up hairballs" is just an expression. Cats actually vomit hairballs. If he has not vomited any, then you don't need to worry. As for the coughing, if it persists then a vet visit is in order.
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It's not really a coughing. More like dry heaving. That's why I figured it was hairballs. I've seen him do it twice in the last month. Each time he gives a series of dry heaves, but nothing comes up. I've seen my old cats do this and then vomit, but he never seems to vomit.
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heaves signals time to see the vet as Semiferal mentioned
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Ok, thanks. I have to go to the vet to pick up the rest of his tapeworm medicine anyway. Should I just tell the vet what I saw? He examined Puppy last week, the dry heaving was two weeks ago and four weeks ago.
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