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"Lettuce" just say......

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We wear the pants in the family! Kabota and Shredder

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Oh my goodness! What angels! Now I must go get twice as much lettuce...2 kitties worth! :tounge2: How many kittens are there? How many are you keeping?
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These guys were rescued last year from a really sick feral colony. They both almost died and have instead stayed here and thrived. They are growing into handsome cats now and they have a lot of love. I was just cleaning out my kitty files and saw them and couldn't resist sharing them.
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Ah, so that's how you got more kitties! I used that one on my mom all the time as a volunteer at a kill shelter...."but Mo--om! They were gonna die!". Seriously though, that's great. All my cats, well, all 2 were in desperate need of a good home...one abused neglected and abandoned, the other a feral baby. Its so rewarding to give them a good home! My Poppy, the abused one, she just looks at me in complete adoration sometimes, it just gets me.
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They look so cute all cuddled up together like that! Very sweet picture.
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I used that excuse when I brought Sampson home. "But his face is squished in and no one wants him so they're going to put him to sleep!" Of course there were a few people interesting in him but I wanted him all to myself.

Hissy, your little boys are very handsome. Looks like one of them has food on his face? I love little piggy kitties.
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Awww, they are adorable!
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Want babies now! Stop posting baby pics - if I go home telling the hubby I want a new kitten he'll freak!

from "a cat's little instruction book"

Always make sure the lid is down on the toilet before jumping on it
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How cute! I just love when you catch them doing something cute.
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What a cute picture! You could enter that into one of those contests or calendars. Such precious babies!
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What a great picture!!!! Thanks for sharing it!
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They are so sweet. I love their names.
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