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Feral fighting

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I have a former feral cat (Tower) that is neutered that goes in and out. We try to keep him in, but it is almost impossible. He is completely socialized and gets along with all of our indoor cats. His usual territory is out front and he would travel around a couple houses down each side but lately he has been going into the backyard and terrorizing all of our feral cats! At first he just seemed to go after one of the neutered males out there, and he remains his focus, but now he is going after all of them and causing a great ruckus! Although no one gets injured the noise is horrible...

As anyone who has read some of my posts knows, the neighbors are not too terribly fond of our ferals as it is, so I need this fighting to stop! I don't know what to do. I know this is a territory thing, and that this is where Tower used to hang out before he started coming indoors, so it's his territory too. How long will it take before the fighting stops? All of the ferals seem to back down so I don't see what fun he can be having...With all of this, one of the male ferals has left the colony. Of course he was our last adult male to be neutered. We were waiting for it to get a bit warmer before we began to trap again. Please send come home vibes so we can catch this feral. Knowing all the problems an un-neutered male can cause, I don't want him running the streets...I just feel awful...

If anyone has been through this....Please send some advice my way.
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{{{{sending come home soon vibes }}}}for your missing feral

if he has only recently been neutered he will still have his hormones in him,telling him he is still a man,so he will still wander for a while.
i'm sure he will come home soon.

i dont know how to stop fighting.
the advice i was given once was to collect my cats wee out of his litter and put it in a bottle and squirt it all around his territory.the object of doing this was to make other cats think my cat was bigger and stronger than them.

unfortunately this just led to a bigger beating my cat got off the local cats.
so needless to say he is an indoor cat now...............
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Maybe once the last kitty gets neutered, Tower will be less inclined to chase the others. I hope the male comes back!

Maybe you can use Hissy's vacuum trick to keep Tower inside. Put a vacuum, turned on but unplugged, near the door. Then when Tower tries to go out the door, someone plugs it in and makes a loud sound. Maybe once he stays in for a few days, things will settle down.

Would Feliway in the house help Tower settle?
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