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Brushing teeth

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Does anyone have a cat toothpaste that their cat actually likes? I started with Drs. Foster and Smith tooth wipes. They're peppermint flavored, and Puppy hates them. (He also doesn't like catnip, I guess he's not a mint fan) Then I got Hartz Beef-flavored toothpaste, and he doesn't like that either.

He doesn't mind me touching his teeth (actually, he likes it). But if I have the toothpaste on my fingers, he pulls away. Are there any toothpastes that anyone's cat actually likes? Something without mint?
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I'm still trying to find one. The vet gave me vanilla-mint toothpaste, which I was fairly certain would be a huge failure before I even tried it (what cat on earth would eat that naturally? I'd go for grass flavored or something). Tell me if you succeed.
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Hm, my vet told me that all of those toothpastes were pretty useless, and that all you need to use is a little bit of tuna juice to make sure that your kitty likes it. The purpose of brushing is so that you just loosen up the plaque, it's not like brushing your own teeth, so if your cat will do it with just water, you should be fine.

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All mine adore the taste of Virbac.
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Ok, thanks. I'm pretty sure that if I use a soft toothbrush, it will work. He might try to bite it, but I'll try and get him while he's half asleep.
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