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Oskar just started doing this on his own. He will bring me his ball and drop it at my feet. I pet him and then throw it, he chases and brings me back the ball and wants me to keep doing it. I didn't even have to teach him, he just automatically did it on his own. I swear sometimes they think they are dogs.

Do any of your babies play Fetch?
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Puppy will play chase, but not fetch. We throw the ball and he races after it. Then he attacks it and hides. We pick the ball up, throw it back into the other room, and the game starts over. It would be nice if he just brought the ball back!
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I had a foster who fetched. He was a very sweet kitty.
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Sometimes Beau will fetch. Only when he wants to though.
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Originally Posted by Felicia's Mom
Sometimes Beau will fetch. Only when he wants to though.
Ditto Bijou and Mika.
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Festus plays fetch. She picks up her little crinkle balls, and brings them to me, and drops them. Then she mews at me, until I either flick it with my finger or throw it.

At our last birthday party in December, I told one of the kids to throw the ball for her. He has dogs. He threw the ball right over her head, and she reached up and tried to catch it! What a nut she is! And she loves her crinkle balls!
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Rocky is a "fetcher". HE usually does it with a soft ball, and occasionally his jingly octopus. It really depends on his mood, it seems, but he was doing it last night for our 9 yr old neighbor.
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My Siamese cat Viola fetches. I've been told most Siamese cats do.
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All of my girls have, at some period in their development. Only Persil has carried it into adulthood, though. She will always play fetch if you throw something for her, and sometimes she brings a toy to you and nuzzles you to play with her. The boys prefer toys on wands to fight with!
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Prue is my fetcher,lol. she loves to drop light toys in my lap and wait for me to toss it. i tell her " go get it" and she is a blur going after it. she will bring it back 10-15 times before she tires of the game,lol
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Akasha fetches.....only when she wants to though. its quite i love it though.
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My baby Wukong fetches sometimes with a toy mouse. If I'm watching him come over with the mouse, he'll purposely drop it some distance away from me and watch me stretch to get it. If I'm not watching, he'll drop it right next to me or on me even. I've gotta wave the toy around in front of him to get him all riled up before throwing it otherwise he'll lose interest

He can only last for 3 rounds of fetch though, then he'll just ignore the toy. It's darn cute though!
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Oskar never wants us to stop. I love it!
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I knew a Maine Coon that loved to fetch.
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My cat plays fetch! She has been doing that since she was a kitten. She will bring things back and drop them at your feed and then wait for you to tose it again. And this will go on and on for as long as she still wants to do it.
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Me and Lucky have at least one game of fetch every night. She fetches the caps from the inside of milk cartons only (nothing else) and she'll bring it back and drop it at your feet, or into an empty tissue box so she can wrestle with the box to get it back out (and then bring it to you). I usually wake up to find a cap next to the bed...i think she still wants to play fetch while i'm sleeping.
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Phenom will fetch anyhting you throw!! Silly Kitty!
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Sleeves only just started doing this last weekend! I was amazed! It was very cute. We were doing it with a cable tie (his favouritest toy ever). We've been doing it all week. He's my clever boy.
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If Trout is awake, she wants to play fetch.She will play fetch with anything...her bouncy balls, her little fish toy, and she will even play fetch with a stuffed bear she has that is twice the size of her!! It is so cute to watch her run with her little mouth around its neck almost tripping over it!

I love watching her waiting for me to throw it too..she sits there all crouched to the floor ready to run with her eyes all dilated. (Is there anything cuter than a kitty with fully dilated eyes?)

The first thing she does on Saturday and Sunday morning when we wake up is put a toy on the bed for us to throw it..We LOVE it!! It's so cute!

Oh, I also forgot to mention..she never stops meowing throughoutthe entire process..she even meows with the toys in her mouth somehow..SOOOO ADORABLE.
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Three of mine Fetch. Maggie & Isaac fetch sparkle balls. When Isaac was a kitten, I'd often wake up with 5 or 6 sparkle balls in the bed with me. Jordan fetches the fuzzy mice witht he feathers on the butt. However, this weekend he found a new thing to fetch. His toothbrush (I swear he is the strangest cat I've ever met). All my cats are trained to sit on command; however, this usually only works when food is involved.
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Fetch is the favorite game at our house. Both of mine do it, but it has to be a tinfoil ball. It's so cute when one of them finds a ball and drops it at my feet and stares at me, hoping I'll throw it
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Glad to know mine isn't the only one to do it. Oskar makes me laugh. He will drop the ball at my feet, then when I go to pick it up and throw it he paws at me for stealing his ball. lol And he won't stop meowing until you play.
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Mitts fetches straws and ribbons. He doesn't seem to tire of it and hubby and I wake with straws, ribbons, and toys all over the bed!
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Hobbes is halfway there in fetch. We throw it, he chases it, and then he comes over and sits at our feet...he just hasn't figured out yet to BRING THE BALL WITH HIM. LOL!! He just started wanting to do fetch a couple weeks ago...he's learning!
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Noellet, my cat only plays fetch with tinfoil balls, too. She brings them right back & drops it at my feet to toss again.
She recently started bringing them up on the bed in the middle of the night, and tossing it by my head. I'm having a hard time finding that quite as cute!
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I was awoke at 7 AM this morning by Jordan droping a fuzzy mouse right on my face. Talk about rude awakening. I just wish I could teach him what a Saturday was.
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