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Oh, Ocarsmommy's last name is a homonym for the chest area. ( Hi, Courtney!)
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
Also, my husband once worked with a woman who's last name was Bent. She married, and decided to hyphenate her last name, and she is now Marsha Bent-Dick. They also now have children. The Bent-Dicks. Special.
I really hope they had no boys! I can only imagine what would go on in middle school in PE class!

Here's mine:

Gym teacher in High School had the name of Richard Peter (Dick, for short) I wonder why he went by Richard? In one of the yearbooks, he is mentioned as Dick Peter.

Dad used to do business with a guy named Harry Wang

Had a drill sargent in Basic Training named Sgt. Stillsmoking

In a marriage announcement:
Her last name was Kuntz. His last name was Dick. Not sure if she hyphenated that afterward.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Butz, and his first name IS Harry!
No way! LOLOL who would do that!?!

I would be changing my name hehe
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Harry Butz gets my vote for the name that made me crack up..
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Max's surname is seriously bad. I can't put it here, he'd kill me, but lets just say that I've already told him that when we have children they are having MY last name. He uses it as material for part of his stand-up routine. Gets a laugh every time. Oh, and it rhymes with the absolute rudest word in the English language. God, it's awful! I mean, he changed his first name by deed poll a few years ago, I always wondered why he didn't do both at the same time!!

Hyphenated names can be so funny. My mother's neighbours when they were kids were called the Hussey-Freaks.
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I knew a Richard Head once, doubly funny because he was in the Navy, where the toilet is The Head.

An ex-boyfriend worked in the county Library in Seattle, he saw some doosies.
Someone who's last name actually was Famous, so they had their first name legally changed to Somebody.
Dat Dang Ho (One can only hope he/she was Asian).
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Originally Posted by Agent_Haun
There is a music teacher out here named Mr. Raper.

There is a car dealer named Tom Raper out here. Can't help but laugh when we pass his billboard.
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There is one I remember, I think it was a receptionist at a doctors office...anyway her last name was Doda, pronounced Doo-Da
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Two last names that I have come across were Indian names, One was "Bad Yellow Hair" and the other is "Comes At Night" I know there are others, but one cannot be printed here and I cannot recall the others.
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My sister's last name was Brings The Pipe
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I don't think it's so wierd, but I had an English teacher who's name was Valentine.

Ramsbottom. I always loved that one.
Pratt - I went to school with a girl with this name... poor lass.

I'm sure there are much more out there....
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I don't know if this will offend some but, a brother and sister in the town where I live names are Anita Head, and Will Head, and of course in school
some would say,"Anita H--d Job" and for her brother, "Will give H---" kids are awful! HA! Oh! and one of my good friends, whom is also a PA, her name is
"Nita Little"
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I know a gal who`s last name is Hollowpeter. When she got married it changed...but when she divorced...she took her maiden name back!!!!
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WHen i think of it now, i remember ben calling me from work one day just to tell me "guess what customer i had her name was Bianca Gatta"
It means white cat in italian
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Ok Ragan is a normal name but my boyfriends real name is Ronnie Ragan. LOL! His dad is also Ronnie Ragan! People never believe us that that is his real name!
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My brother told me that the other day he met someone called Brenda Skender. That's pretty funny...lol

A gynaecologist at the hospital I work at is Dr Love. Seriously. His father, Dr Love Snr, was also a gynaecologist.

Also, my Dad works with a guy who's last name is Wancer. Wancer!!! Poor guy...
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These are funny!

A reverend at one of the churches where I grew up was called Rev. Shufflebottom!

My sister's friend's mothers name became Jean Jeans when she married!
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My cheerleading coach was Terpsi Toon. And there was a teacher at my middle school Mrs. Slattery Green
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In my town there is a GYN that's name is Dr Pap! Of all the professions to go into with that name!! guess it was just meant to be
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Two last night were


I love shocking one of my coworkers when I see rude sounding names. She was my librarian at my catholic all girls high school and she really has a dirty mind!

I remember one name when I first started was Super Sexy Muntz! Obviously thats not his real name but I got a kick out of it!
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I had a junior high teacher whose last name was Cox. Her husband's name was Harry.

Also isn't there a football player or coach named Dick Butkiss?

A chemistry professor once told me that some good family friends of hers, the Leers, had a daughter. Her first name was Crystal and her middle name was Chanda (pronounced Shanda). Read the full name out loud.. Crystal Chanda Leer.
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This name isn't so much mean as funny to say. LuLu Lutterman. Poor kid. Everyone must've thought she had a studder until she was 21. Then they probably just assumed she was hammered!
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
I don't think it's so wierd, but I had an English teacher who's name was Valentine.

Ramsbottom. I always loved that one.
Pratt - I went to school with a girl with this name... poor lass.

I'm sure there are much more out there....

There is actually an art school in New York called the Pratt Institute.
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There is a girl I work with whose last name is ROACH. I wouldn't want that name! LOL
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Todays noteworthy surnames:

Major Cox - that one had me laughing the hardest.

Where do those names come from in the first place???? One does wonder.
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These are funny, I used to have a Dr. Winterbottom
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I was very unfortunate to have a gynaecologist called Dr. Cumming.
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With all this doctor talk I was thinking "geez I wish my doctor had a funny name...it's just Dr Grieve" and then I thought "waitaminute! that IS funny!" What's funny is that that's actually what happened.

I submit "Dr Grieve" for approval
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I had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Moellar (pronounce molar) and my dad had Dr. Payne.
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A patient of ours today (who happens to be a doctor) told us about a colleaque of his called Dr Die. Now THAT is bad.... but, as he quite rightly pointed out, better than Dr Dead!
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